August 20th Parent Night Featuring MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl

All parents of athletes at Holland Christian are encouraged to attend our annual Parent Night on Tuesday, August 20.  The keynote session for the evening at 7pm will feature Mark Uyl, MHSAA Executive Director.  Pictured above, Uyl has been involved with educational athletics for most of his life and in just about every role… athlete, coach, athletic director, parent, official and executive at our state association.  Please reserve August 20 on your calendar for Parent Night as we gather at Holland Christian HS to better understand how to support our school’s mission through athletics and supporting our athletes.  The three sessions for the evening are as follows:

  • 6:00pm“The Realities of Competing at the Collegiate Level” – Lecture Hall
    An optional panel session featuring Mark Uyl, NCAA & NAIA D1, D2, D3 coaches, former college athletes and athletic directors in the lecture hall in an open format focusing on the following questions:  What do the different athletic levels of college athletics really mean?, What are college coaches looking for when they recruit athletes?,  What are best practices for athletes and families desiring to compete after high school?,  How do multiple school sports and non-school sports affect the ability to be recruited?, and What are the goals of college athletic teams?
  • 7:00pm – “The Realities of Positively Parenting High School Athletes” – Auditorium
    The keynote session featuring Mark Uyl, MHSAA Executive Director.  Every parent of an athlete at Holland Christian is encouraged to join us as we hear from the leader in educational athletics in Michigan.
  • 7:45pm – Individual Fall Sport Parent Meetings
    All parents of fall athletes are invited to meet the coach of their team, learn about team and school expectations, and discover ways to get involved and support your child for the upcoming season as we together seek to put knowing God on display through athletics.