Pine Ridge Newsletter – October 2021

Dear Parents,

This year we had the opportunity to pray together at our flag pole at Pine Ridge. This year’s theme for “See you at the Pole” came from James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” This verse was shared with students as a challenge, that we would humble ourselves and that the LORD, the maker of all things, would lift us up. As I spoke to our students about this and what it means to be humbled, I was in that moment humbled by the beauty that the Lord had given us that day. It was sunny, but not hot, it was windy, but not stormy, there were noises, but it was not noisy. All these things brought forth a feeling of perfect peace.

It was a perfect day to gather and pray for the many blessings that we have and those things in which we are still struggling with in our day-to-day. Students prayed for each other, their families, their communities and even their family pets. It was a precious and innocent moment that reminded me of the ease in which we can go before the Lord at any time and in any place. He loves us so much and wants only good things for his children. May we find ways to humble ourselves before the Lord so that he may lift us in our moments of hardship. May we remember the prayer of even a child is important to the Lord. May you feel his perfect peace today and everyday as we walk this road together, partnering in equipping minds and nurturing hearts for Jesus Christ.


Mrs. Dinah Pereira

/ Announcements

Student Absences

Please send email absence and appointment excuse communications to both Kristi and Cara: & Or, feel free to call the office 616.820.3505 if that is easier.

Parent-teacher Conferences

Conferences are coming up October 18 and 19, and we are so excited to be able to have in-person conferences again this year! You should receive an email with instructions on how to register for conferences, or find that information in the general newsletter. If you do not receive that email or have questions regarding sign-up, please call the main office.


Thank you so much for all your support for the Walkathon this year! The kids had a wonderful time with their friends and siblings from our other Holland Christian schools. Plus, the weather cooperated giving us a beautiful day to be outside enjoying God’s creation.

Ruff Readers

We are thrilled to welcome back the Ruff Readers program for our 3rd graders this year. This program allows our students to read to service dogs every other Thursday. It is a definite treat for everyone!

School Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will take place on November 3. If your student missed picture day or if you would like to try again for the perfect smile, please mark this date down!


We hope all busing has now been figured out for the year. It was a rocky start, so we thank you for your patience as we worked with HPS to get everyone home safely. For daily bus news, please visit the HPS transportation page linked here.

Safety Drills

We are working our way through all of our drills this fall: fire, lockdown, and tornado. We know sometimes these can make students anxious; our teachers are making sure they discuss these with our students to ease fears and remind them that these are practices to keep us all safe.

Parent Volunteers

We are very excited to invite parents back into the building by providing a wide range of activities that we would like to have help with as we partner together. We would like to have parents to help with:

  • Lunch recess daily 12:00-12:30
  • Library check out
  • Listen to students read
  • Help check out/in classroom take home books

All parent volunteers will need to wear a mask and complete a background check through our HR Department, which will be set up for you prior to helping at school in order to make sure we are keeping our students safe. Thank you in advance as we look forward to having you back in our building.

Important Website Links

Grandparents Day: April 21, 2022

Our Grandparents Day celebration date will be moved this year and combined with our annual Spring Program. Please mark your calendars for Grandparents Day and Spring Program to take place on the evening of Thursday, April 21, 2022.

/ Calendar

View the full Holland Christian Calendar.


2 – Tuition Grant Fund Online Auction starts
8 – End of 1st quarter
9 – Tuition Grant Fund Live Auction
15 – Report cards sent home
18 & 19 – Parent-Teacher Conferences
21 & 22 – No school/ CEA Convention


3 – Picture retakes
24-26 – No school/Thanksgiving Break