We find ourselves in unusual times. We are planning for a year unlike any other. As we embark upon the approaching school year, may we turn our thoughts to the stories of Daniel and Moses in the Bible. Stories of faithfulness lived out. Daniel was provided knowledge and understanding by God (Daniel 1:17) and through all the challenges of the day, Daniel chose to remain and be faithful (Daniel 1:21). Genesis 6:9 shares that Noah walked faithfully with God. Let’s live like Daniel and Noah. With these stories of faithfulness in mind we are excited to move forward, in partnership with our school family, and have a great school year.

The Return to School team, comprised of six working committees that include instruction, communication, student programming, wellness, and safety, have been meeting diligently to create a back to school high-quality COVID response plan in conjunction with the Michigan Safe Start Roadmap.

/ Learning Plans

We are very pleased to be providing two different options to our families for learning experiences this fall: fully in-person and remote/online guided by a remote learning coordinator. Both options allow for Holland Christian teachers to deliver quality and personal instruction of state-aligned grade level standards through a distinctive Biblical lens. We realize that everyone’s situation is unique. What works for some families for schooling might not work for others during COVID-19. However, one of the many positive hallmarks of a Holland Christian education is our partnership with parents. Our desire is to partner with you in providing an academically excellent, Christ-centered, relational education for your children and this is as true now as any previous school year. We also believe that all students should be given an equitable opportunity to access solid Holland Christian learning regardless of their situations. We’ve published a comparison of the two learning plans that we encourage you to read. You can also watch our virtual town hall where we review both plans.

/ Detailed School Information

This return to school page contains an overview for all of our Schools. More detailed information for each building is being published in the schools’ blog which can be found on their home pages or through the link below.

/ Safety Updates

Safety/PPE Update

Our Safety/PPE group continues to meet to finalize our cleaning protocols for each building. We will be implementing the following daily cleaning protocols, utilizing the same school safe products that we’ve cleaned our buildings with in the past.

•Frequently touched surfaces including light switches, door handles, benches, and bathrooms will undergo cleaning at least every four hours.
•Student desks will be cleaned each class period including at the end of the school day at the middle and high school and every four hours in the elementary schools.
•During the evening, each desk and table will be disinfected with an electrostatic sprayer or mister.
•Playground equipment will undergo cleaning every four hours.

In addition, the middle and high school buildings are now using MERV≥13 (or ISO equivalent) filters that are more effective at capturing certain airborne viruses. With the HVAC systems in these buildings, these changes will also improve the air exchange. Our elementary buildings are able to open windows to increase air exchange.

Daily At-Home Student Screenings Required

Parents are required to screen their child at home each morning before going to school. If your child has any new or increasing symptoms below, they should not go to school and you should contact your child’s doctor for additional instruction.

•Temperature of 100.3 or higher or signs of fever (chills/sweating)
•Sore throat
•Dry cough
•Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
•Severe headache
•Loss of taste or smell

With combinations of the above, testing for COVID-19 is encouraged. Testing may also shorten the time that students are excluded from school or work. If a student or staff person tests positive for COVID-19, or are a household member or other close contact to someone who tested positive, the health department will provide them with suggestions for quarantine, isolation guidance, or release from isolation. These can be used for leave from school/work and return to school/work.

Ottawa County Department of Public Health Update

The health department has released their plans for schools should a positive case be identified. If we become aware of a case of COVID-19 in a student or staff member, we will notify the health department. We will work with them to figure out close contacts to the case and determine which areas of the school need special attention for disinfection and cleaning. Each investigation is different, so the health department will work with the school to determine any possible close contacts for quarantine.

For COVID-19, a close contact is most often someone that has been within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes (does not have to be consecutive minutes), with or without a face covering. Other than those few individuals, the person’s identity is kept confidential in respect of their privacy as well as following regulations of FERPA (for schools) and HIPAA (for the health department). You can view the Overview Guide for Schools from the health department here.