Rose Park News 12/7/18

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends,

This is such a special time of year when I can walk the halls any day, almost any time of the day and either see or hear something about the Christmas Story. I am always impressed and blessed by how teachers make the Christmas Story come alive for their students, and how this is reflected on the walls, in teaching and learning, in chapel, really anywhere in the building this time of year. Sometimes, whether here at school, or even in our culture around us, Christmas is part of the very air we breathe. And I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want it to become so trivialized, sentimentalized, or common that I don’t catch my breath when I  consider the reality of Christmas and this Advent season.

And here is the message that the Spirit continues to impress upon my heart this season, especially when mindful of our theme this year at Rose Park and Holland Christian Schools–Preparing a Table. I don’t think I’m writing any major headlines when I say that there is great shortage of hospitality, humility, and grace in our world, in our culture, our community, even in our own lives. Brokenness and too often hostility abounds. But here’s the Good News! Our God is a God who heals brokenness, and turns hostility into hospitality. Our hope is in the God of the universe who loves his world so very much that he put on broken flesh and became one of us. He entered into the brokenness and hostility of our world, and of our lives so that he might bring reconciliation and the most wonderful welcome to his table for us and our world to know and live with him. Jesus modeled it first with his life, and then sealed it with his death and resurrection. This is the Light that shines in the darkness. If you are experiencing any measure of darkness this Advent season, look for, anticipate, and expect the Light to be with you. Let the Advent candle remind you that Christ is present with you and your family no matter the circumstance of darkness you may be in. He is faithful to bring his peace, his shalom, his light into the darkness of our chaos. If you are living in bright light this season, rejoice and be glad! Then, come and share your light with any who may be in some darkness this Advent season. Join our Savior in bringing a Gospel hospitality, welcome, and love to everyone always. This is the Gospel!

And this Gospel mission of setting a Gospel table of welcome and hospitality is being carried out by our various classes and grade levels during this season in some special ways. Our Kindergarteners are selling homemade cookies (a highly anticipated day by everyone at Rose Park) to support the special quilt-making ministry of Love Sews. First graders engage in a design-thinking process to determine various ways they will bring shalom, for example, by telling and singing the Christmas Story at a high school chapel, visiting Rest Haven residents, and doing other random acts of kindness in various places. Second graders volunteer and bring food for Kids Food Basket. Third graders have adopted and are supporting 2 students from “Homes and Hope” with their gifts. Fourth graders are bringing in supplies and going to visit My Brothers and Sisters houses here in town. Fifth graders are supporting Heiffer International. Sixth graders are supporting The Esther School in Zambia where Mrs. Diepenhorst taught last year. I am so proud of these students and staff for seeking to join our Savior in bringing shalom to various people and ministries locally, nationally, and around the world.

As always, I pray that you may bless and be blessed this weekend with your families in rest, recreation, and in awe-filled worship. We are grateful to partner with you in equipping young and eager minds, nurturing soft and tender hearts, to transform the world for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Thank You!

Thank you for your support of the Rose Park library through the Scholastic Book Fair.  We earned over $2,800 in credit at Scholastic Books for our librarian to shop for great reading materials for our students.

And thank you to our amazing Scholastic Book Fair team who spent countless hours manning the fair.  We are grateful for YOU!

Kindergarten Cookie Sale Thursday, December 13

10:15am @ the intersection


The money earned from this cookie sale will be given to  LOVE SEWS, a local organization blessing those in need.

Do you have extra gloves?

The Rose Park office has a limited supply of winter gear to loan to our kiddos.  If you have gloves that your child has outgrown, we could put them to good use!  Thanks for your help!

Hot Lunch Balances

Please take a look at your children’s lunch balances….we send out low balance email’s each week.  If you have not gotten any(GREAT!)…however if you think you should be getting emails , perhaps your email needs to be updated.  Please contact the food service department to update your information.  You can also find the Send Money To School website here.  Thank  you for participating in hot lunch,  we enjoy serving you students nutritious meals each day!

Champs Books Have Arrived!

We have Champs coupon books for $25.00 in the Rose Park office.  These make wonderful Christmas gifts!

Teacher’s Christmas Luncheon December 13

Each year around Christmas time, we invite the teacher’s and staff to take a break from their day and enjoy a nice lunch, provided to them by our wonderful Rose Park families. Please help us out by signing up for something on this link. Anything contributed is greatly appreciated! Please ensure whatever you sign up for is delivered to the school the morning of December 13. Thank you!

6th Grade Ski Club Dates

Our ski club dates for this year are December 14, January 11, January 25, February 8, February 22 and March 1.

Rose Park Recess Duty Invitation

Do you have an hour to spare, once a week or once a month?  Do you ever wonder what your child does at recess every day or who they buddy up with?  Come join us on the playground at Rose Park! The sign up for January – March is now available.  Click here to sign up!


You are always welcome to join us for our all-school chapels on Wednesday mornings at 10:35 AM in the gymeterium. We welcome parents and friends to join us in worship as we discover how we can grow in preparing a table of welcome and hospitality.

Upcoming Dates:


11 – 5th/6th Band/Orchestra Christmas concert

13 – Kindergarten Cookie Sale

24-Jan 4 – Christmas Break


24 – Preschool and Kindergarten Discovery Night

Hot Lunch Menu


Requested Announcements

Moms In Prayer

MOMS IN PRAYER- Just a few Fridays left this year.  What better time to stop in and pray than now with this sometimes stressful season?  God is our burden bearer and wants to carry your load!  Please join us in the library on Friday mornings from 8:15-9:05.
Jesus, I pray ________ will bow his knee at Your name. From Philippians 2:10a (NIV)

Join us on Fridays in the library from 8:15-9:05. Just surrender and see God’s amazing results!

Please contact Kathy Schut with any questions.  616-875-8912

West Ottawa Swim Club

West Ottawa Age Group Swim Club is an entry level swim club that introduces students to competitive swimming. WOSC strives to engage and teach athletes of all ages and ability levels the sport of swimming in a fun, challenging, and safe environment.  Many Rose Park kids have participated in this program and enjoyed it!  Please click here for more information and to register.

Upcoming HCS Concert Announcement:

The High School Music Department invites you to its annual band, orchestra and choir Christmas concert on Saturday, December 15, in the Jack H. Miller Center for the Musical Arts, located on the campus of Hope College. We will be offering two performance times for those who would like to attend: one at 2:00 pm and one at 4:00 pm. Beginning Monday, November 19, a link will be posted on the Holland Christian homepage that will allow attendees to make a reservation for which concert they will attend. Those who do not have access to the internet will be able to make reservations through the high school front office. The number of reservations for each of the performances will be limited. In this way we hope to be able to offer a seat to everyone who would like to attend. We look forward to sharing in the celebration of our Savior’s birth through our music.

Job Opportunity at Rose Park

Rose Park Hot Lunch, is needing a person to work in the kitchen 1-2 days per week and to be available for subbing.  This position would be from 9:30-1:30.  Must have a great spirit to serve and engage with our students. Need someone who is very reliable.  Please email with more information.