Rose Park March Newsletter

Several years ago I was blessed with the learning opportunity of a lifetime: Hiking along with about 40 other staff members and students from HC in the hot Israeli desert, we walked right into the Biblical narrative and life lessons with RVL, our own high school Bible teacher. It was near Engedi that RVL pointed out an ibex, a small deer-like creature, jumping along the side of a wall of rock! We marveled at how this critter was able to traverse the path, or more accurately the lack thereof, without bumbling down the cliff face!

RVL drew our attention, in a new way, to the words of the Psalmist, “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He sets me in high places.” Standing right there in the desert of Engedi, RVL taught us to pray saying, “Lord, give me feet for the path,” rather than “please give me a path that is wide and flat.”

There’s a big difference in that life perspective.

I would like to take just a few brief moments to link this to your child’s teacher this year. As we launched into this school year, we knew that we would encounter a myriad of unknown challenges and pivots. This school year would likely not be wide, flat and easy. It has proven to be so. In preparing our hearts for the journey that stretched before us with all of the unknowns, we each committed to expressing our thoughts, observations and prayers in a daily gratitude journal. By training our eyes to see all of life’s blessings, our hearts begin to change shape. We begin to see opportunities rather than inconveniences. It’s easy to offer support, give grace, receive grace and laugh together on the journey when the landscape is marked in gratitude.

As I think about this from my parent perspective, TJ and I certainly hope and pray our own three children experience a life that offers wide and smooth paths. But we’re also teaching our children to find those whose paths are challenging and difficult and meet them there. To be shade, support and strength to those in need. TJ and I also know the words Jesus left with his disciples, “in this world there will be trouble.” This has proven to be so this year. Do you know what your children are learning by modeling their teacher during life and schooling in a pandemic? They are learning how to live with the hope and JOY of our living Savior through challenging days! Your child’s teacher, every single one of them, brings creative solutions like never before! They are working together, brainstorming, trying new things, goofing up and accepting grace. They give grace readily. There’s a persistent eagerness to overcome the challenges that this pandemic brings with goodness, gratitude and grace! Your child is living, day in and day out, among a community of Christ’s servants who are living a life marked in joy. Is it all easy? No way! Not even close. Lessons, experiences and plans take a lot more time! Great ideas that goof up are not so fun! But it is evident that each teacher has been blessed with strong feet for this unprecedented path! And your child is like a young ibex jumping along behind them developing strong feet of his or her own!

Remain faithful, please, in your prayers over these special teachers and loving staff. I will too! We certainly look forward to days ahead when the path will be wider and easier. But we truly are grateful for the strong feet God is blessing our teachers and staff with. I am grateful for the grace-breathing community we are growing. I am grateful for the eyes and heart of your child watching and learning how to live a hope-filled life when challenges come our way. I am grateful to our good, good Father who is with us and caring for us every step of this journey! Woven together!

We’re grateful to continue growing with your child this year!


* * * * *

Hace varios años fui bendecida con una oportunidad que sólo puedes experimentar una vez en tu vida. Caminando junto con otros 40 miembros del personal y estudiantes de HC en el caluroso desierto israelí, entramos directamente en la narrativa bíblica y las lecciones de vida con RVL, nuestro propio maestro bíblico de secundaria. Fue cerca de Engedi que RVL señaló un ibex, una pequeña criatura similar a un ciervo, saltando a lo largo de lo que parecía ser casi una pared de rocas! Nos maravillamos de cómo esta criatura fue capaz de atravesar el camino, o más exactamente carecer de él, sin vago por la cara del acantilado!

RVL llamó nuestra atención, de una manera nueva, a las palabras del salmista: “Él hace mis pies como los pies de un ciervo, Él me pone en lugares altos.” De pie justo allí en el desierto de Engedi, RVL nos enseñó a orar diciendo: “Señor, dame los pies por el camino”.

Hay una gran diferencia en esa perspectiva de la vida.

Me gustaría tomar sólo unos breves momentos para comparar esto con el maestro de su hijo este año. Al lanzarnos a este año escolar, sabíamos que nos encontraríamos con una miríada de desafíos y pivotes desconocidos. Este año escolar probablemente no sería amplio, plano y fácil. Ha demostrado serlo. Al preparar nuestro corazón para el viaje que nos extendía ante todas las incógnitas, cada uno de nosotros se comprometió a expresar nuestros pensamientos, observaciones y oraciones en un diario de gratitud. Al entrenar nuestros ojos para ver todas las bendiciones de la vida, nuestros corazones comienzan a cambiar de forma. Empezamos a ver oportunidades en lugar de inconvenientes. Es fácil ofrecer apoyo, dar gracia, recibir gracia y reír juntos en el viaje cuando el paisaje está marcado en gratitud.

Al pensar en esto desde mi perspectiva como padres, TJ y yo ciertamente esperamos y oramos para que nuestros propios tres hijos experimenten una vida que ofrezca caminos amplios y suaves. Pero también estamos enseñando a nuestros hijos a encontrar a aquellos cuyos caminos son desafiantes y difíciles y conocerlos allí. Ser sombra, apoyo y fuerza para los necesitados. TJ y yo también sabemos las palabras que Jesús dejó con sus discípulos: “En este mundo habrá problemas”. Esto ha demostrado ser así este año. ¿Sabe lo que sus hijos están aprendiendo modelando a su maestra durante la vida y la educación en una pandemia? ¡Cómo vivir con la esperanza y la ALEGRÍA de nuestro Salvador viviente a través de días difíciles! ¡El maestro de su hijo, cada uno de ellos, trae soluciones creativas como nunca antes! Están trabajando juntos, haciendo lluvia de ideas, probando cosas nuevas, haciendo cosas chistosas y aceptando la gracia. Le dan gracia fácilmente. ¡Hay un afán persistente de superar los desafíos que esta pandemia trae con bondad, gratitud y gracia! Su hijo está viviendo, día tras día, entre una comunidad de siervos de Cristo que están viviendo una vida marcada en gozo. ¿Es todo fácil? ¡No es posible! Ni siquiera cerca. ¡Las lecciones, experiencias y planes llevan mucho más tiempo! ¡Grandes ideas que no salgan perfectas no son tan divertidas! ¡Pero es evidente que cada maestro ha sido bendecido con pies fuertes por este camino sin precedentes! ¡Y su hijo es como un joven ibex saltando detrás de ellos desarrollando pies fuertes propios!

Permanezcan fieles, por favor, en sus oraciones por estos maestros especiales y personal amoroso. ¡Yo también! Ciertamente esperamos con ansias los próximos días en que el camino será más amplio y fácil. Pero verdaderamente estamos agradecidos por los pies fuertes con los que Dios está bendiciendo a nuestros maestros y personal. Estoy agradecido por la comunidad que respira gracia en la cual estamos creciendo. Estoy agradecido por los ojos y el corazón de su hijo observando y aprendiendo a vivir una vida llena de esperanza cuando los desafíos vienen por nuestro camino. ¡Estoy agradecido a nuestro buen, buen Padre que está con nosotros y cuidándonos cada paso de este viaje! ¡Entrelazados!


/ Announcements

Winter Gear

We would like to request that students have the extra winter clothing needed for the winter months. We have limited items at school to loan students, and for sanitary and safety reasons, cannot return items to the collective inventory for 72 hours after they have been used. If there is a large number of students borrowing items, we deplete the inventory quickly. Thank you for making this a priority for your child’s health and warmth.

Items to include with your child are:

  • Snow pants for warmth, even if it is not snowing
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Boots

Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences Online Registration Open

We can’t wait to celebrate the gift of your child with YOU! We value your partnership and are eager to spend time in prayer and conversation around the growth of your child. Parent/teacher conferences will be held remotely with appointments from 4:00-8:00 pm on March 29 and 31. Sign up notification was sent via email. HC Virtual Paragon, our conference reservation system, will be utilized to schedule your conferences. Here is a Parent Guide for connecting to the scheduled Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences on the day of your conferences.

If you would like a conversation with any of your child’s encore teachers, please reach out to them directly to set up an appointment time that is convenient for you:

Health Appraisal Update

Ottawa County Health department will not be providing hearing and vision screening for our students this year. Increased COVID responsibilities have limited the capacity for technicians to provide this service.

Health appraisals are still required for our 2021-22 incoming preschool and Kindergarten students. As you schedule your well child appointments with your health care provider, please be aware these evaluations will need to be completed.

Parent Board

If you would like to join the supportive work our Parent Board provides, whether you would like to work on projects primarily from home or attend periodic meetings, we are looking for interested friends to join in the work already for the 2021-2022 school year! Please contact Allison Koster at or Cassie Kamphuis at Don’t hesitate to reach out to Miska if you have curiosities about the work or commitment. I can assure you, the work makes a HUGE difference at Rose Park and we have a blast together! Consider joining the team!

5th-12th grade Band Concert

We are planning to host an HC band concert in three parts with an in-person audience on Wednesday, March 24 in the HCHS gym. We will be following required safety protocols, which include limiting each student to 2 guests. We will also be live-streaming the concert. The 5th and 6th grade bands will perform at 6 pm. The 7th and 8th grade bands will perform at 7 pm. The HCHS bands will perform at 8 pm. More details will be sent out over the next few weeks.

5th graders moving to 6th grade: Athletics in Middle School

As a 6th grader, your child will have the opportunity to join middle school sports. Please see the information below:

21-22 Sports Registration:

All families with students going into 6-12th grades will need to register here for athletics through Final Forms. Registration for 21-22 athletics will be available on April 1. Fall high school sports begin on August 11 (football August 9) and fall middle school sports begin on August 23.

21-22 Sports Physicals

The athletic department anticipates the requirement of a pre-participation physical (dated after April 15, 2021) by the MHSAA to participate in school sports for next year. Typically, Holland Christian offers physical night appointments each spring for athletes to meet this requirement, but at this point in time we are still working on the feasibility of this opportunity. Athletes may need to individually schedule an appointment with their primary care provider between April 15 and the start of their first practice or try-out in any upcoming season. Physical forms will be available to be printed from individual Final Forms accounts to take to your appointment for your DO/MD/NP/PA to sign.

Hot Lunch Menu

March Hot Lunch Menu

/ Calendar

View the full Holland Christian Calendar


24- 5th-12th grades band concert
26 – Report cards go home
29 – Parent teacher conferences
31 – Parent teacher conferences

/ Requested Announcements

Holland Christian Boys Lacrosse Club

Holland Christian offers boys lacrosse as a spring club sport opportunity for students currently in grades 3-8. There is a 3rd/4th team, a 5th/6th team and a 7th/8th team that compete from the end of March to the end of May. Registration for Holland Christian Club Lacrosse opened on February 1 through our “Active” registration, which is the same registration link as HC summer camps.

TTQ Running Club for boys 3rd-5th grade

We are working hard to bring a great TTQ program to our boys and families. However, the spring season will look different than any previous spring:

  • The spring season will start the week of APRIL 12 and end the weekend of JUNE 12.
  • We are offering an all virtual and hybrid option.
  • The hybrid option will have 1 in person practice weekly held at area PARKS—not SCHOOLS.
  • The parks for Ottawa/Allegan Counties are: Helder Park, Kollen Park, Pottawattomie and Ransom Park

We are not holding any practices at school per the MI Safe Schools RoadMap guidelines. We have attached a spring flier here for you to help us spread the word. A Spanish flier is also available here.
Parents from our summer and fall programs had very positive feedback from their TTQ boy’s involvement in both our virtual and in person programming, so we are sure that TTQ is continuing to be a beneficial part of their development. We thank you for all of your support of the TTQ program!

Hope College 2021 Summer Science Camps

Looking for  an opportunity for your child to have hands on, engaging experiences in Science, Engineering, Math and the Arts? Hope College offers half day and full day science academies. Details can be found here.