Rose Park May Newsletter

Recently, as we see signs that the season is turning to springtime, I find my heart repeatedly singing a line from the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” by Thomas Chisholm: “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow…” These words resonate deeply with me and perhaps they will for you as well. I can quite confidently speak for all of us when I say it’s quite easy to feel disheartened at the lack of progress we see regarding the pandemic. While certainly the views and perspectives of our community range, I know we are all weary of the understandable frustration therein. As God warms our corner of the earth in West Michigan with the rays of spring sunshine and we begin to again open windows and enjoy time spent outdoors, may your heart too claim the truth that God reaches into our midst, even in a pandemic, and offers us each strength for today and a bright hope in Him for tomorrow. As we lay plans to close this school year and are in the midst already of planning for next year, I turn my eyes upon Jesus for the hope of ALL that is to come! Thank you, friends, for your honesty, your faithfulness, your patience and your cooperation this school year.

We have treasured your partnership and we LOVE your dear child! God’s blessings all ours with 10,000 beside!


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Recientemente, al ver señales de que la temporada se está convirtiendo en primavera, encuentro mi corazón cantando repetidamente una línea del himno en inglés, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” de Thomas Chisholm, fuerza para hoy y brillante esperanza para el mañana. Estas palabras resuenan profundamente conmigo y tal vez lo hagan para ti también. Puedo hablar con bastante confianza por todos nosotros cuando digo que es bastante fácil sentirse desanimado por la falta de progreso que vemos con respecto a la pandemia.

Ciertamente las opiniones y perspectivas de nuestra comunidad varían, sé que todos estamos cansados de la comprensible frustración en ella. A medida que Dios calienta nuestro rincón de la tierra en el oeste de Michigan con los rayos del sol primaveral y comenzamos a abrir de nuevo las ventanas y disfrutar del tiempo pasado al aire libre. Que su corazón también reclame la verdad que Dios llega a nuestro medio, incluso en una pandemia, y nos ofrezca cada fuerza para hoy y una esperanza brillante en Él para el mañana. Mientras tenemos planes de cerrar este año escolar y ya estamos en medio de la planificación para el próximo año, me volteo los ojos sobre Jesús para la esperanza de TODO lo que está por venir! Gracias, amigos, por su honestidad, su fidelidad, su paciencia y su cooperación este año escolar. ¡Hemos atesorado su asociación y AMAMOS a sus queridos hijos! ¡Dios bendiga a todos los nuestros con 10.000 al lado!


/ Announcements

Health Appraisal and Immunization Requirements

Ottawa County Health department will not be providing hearing and vision screening for our students this year. Increased COVID responsibilities have limited the capacity for technicians to provide this service.

Health appraisals are required for our 2021-22 incoming preschool and Kindergarten students. As you schedule your well child appointments with your health care provider, please be aware these evaluations will need to be completed. All students must be up to date on their immunizations BEFORE they start the new school year.  Any students without the required immunizations or approved waivers will not be allowed to begin school until they are complete and approved by the State of Michigan. We are grateful for your help with this!

Plant Sale

On Friday morning, May 7, the 4th graders (in conjunction with the HCHS life skills students), will be hosting a plant sale at Rose Park near the front entrance.  Please plan to purchase your tomato, pepper, and herb plants then!  Nutrient rich worm castings, created right at Rose Park, will also be available as fertilizer.  Spread the word–and watch for more details to come!

Preschool Parking Safety

If your home is anything like mine, morning routines toward the end of the year with kids can start to fray a bit. In order to ensure the safety of all of our students, please remember to park in the main parking lot for preschool drop off and walk your child safely to the door. When children are dropped off at the door, it puts them at greater risk as cars are using the drive to exit the parking lot in that area. Thank you for committing to our youngest ones’ safety every day!

From Parent Team-Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is May 3-7 this year. Our teachers and staff have done a tremendous job of caring for our kiddos while adjusting to the ever-changing demands of this unique year. Instead of focusing our appreciation in the course of 1 week, let’s OVERWHELM them with appreciation in the last month of the year! We have a doc of the Rose Park staff members’ “Favorite Things.” Feel free to reference it when considering how you can show your appreciation for the adults at HC who have blessed your kid’s lives. And as always, don’t feel that you need to buy something! A thank you card or hand-written note from your child is always appreciated too!

Rose Park Parent Team

If you would like to join the supportive work our Parent Team provides, whether you would like to work on projects primarily from home or attend periodic meetings, we are looking for interested friends to join in the work for our 2021-22 school year!  Please contact Allison Koster or Cassie Kamphuis Please consider being a part of our team!

Kindergarten Visiting Day

We are excited to welcome the class of 2034 to Rose Park on Friday May 14! You should have received an invitation to sign up for a special time with your child’s kindergarten teacher for NEXT year. Please give us a call 616.820.4055 if you need to reschedule or if you have not received the sign up genius link. See you soon!

Library notice:

The week of May 3-7 (Tulip Time week!) is the last week for students to borrow books from Rose Park Library. All student library materials are due by May 14.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is returning this year! Mark your calendars for the week of May 17-21. Be on the look our for more details soon!

5th graders moving to 6th grade: Athletics in Middle School

As a 6th grader, your child will have the opportunity to join middle school sports. Please see the information below:

21-22 Sports Registration:

All families with students going into 6-12th grades will need to register for athletics through Final Forms. Registration for 21-22 athletics will be available on April 1. Fall high school sports begin on August 11 (football August 9) and fall middle school sports begin on August 23.

21-22 Sports Physicals

The athletic department anticipates the requirement of a pre-participation physical (dated after April 15, 2021) by the MHSAA to participate in school sports for next year. Typically, Holland Christian offers physical night appointments each spring for athletes to meet this requirement, but at this point in time we are still working on the feasibility of this opportunity. Athletes may need to individually schedule an appointment with their primary care provider between April 15 and the start of their first practice or try-out in any upcoming season. Physical forms will be available to be printed from individual Final Forms accounts to take to your appointment for your DO/MD/NP/PA to sign.

Hot Lunch Menu

May Hot Lunch Menu

/ Calendar

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  • 3-7 All library books due
  • 3-7 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5-6 Full days of School
  • 17-21 Scholastic Book Fair
  • 14 Kindergarten Visit Day
  • 26 Field Day for K-5
  • 31 No School Memorial Day


  • 4 Last day of School


  • 19 Ice Cream Social
  • 24 First day of School (full day)
  • 26 Meet the Teacher Night

/ Requested Announcements

Boys 3rd-5th TTQ (Total Trek Quest)

We are working hard to bring a great TTQ program to our boys and families. We are offering an all virtual and a hybrid option. The hybrid option will have one in-person practice weekly held at area PARKS—not SCHOOLS, such as Helder Park, Kollen Park, Pottawattomie and Ransom Park.

If you have any question or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at 616.430.6561 or We are looking forward to continuing our TTQ program! Access to the online TTQ FLYER will be available late summer or early fall.

Hope College 2021 Summer Science Camps

Looking for  an opportunity for your child to have hands on, engaging experiences in Science, Engineering, Math and the Arts? Hope College offers half day and full day science academies. Details About Summer Science Camps.

Summer Sailing Program Opportunity

Please see this flier regarding a sailing opportunity for ages 5 and up.