Rose Park Newsletter June 2020

This week we’ve been blessed with a good deal of sticky sunshine, a tangible reminder that the school year is giving way to summer months. This transition from spring to summer is unlike any other I can remember. All of the typical fanfare that comes with launching into summertime has changed. However, the warm summer sunshine is a tangible reminder that, through it all, God’s faithfulness remains, and every day God’s mercies are renewed. God IS our refuge and our strength. Our ever-present help in times of trouble. In his opening message Dr. Bultman celebrated God’s strength and the strength of each of you particularly during these finals months of the school year. We are so grateful for Dr. Bultman’s leadership during this interim period for Holland Christian Schools. He, too, has exemplified strength, wisdom and resolve during these weeks of remote learning. Currently Dr. Bultman is leading a task force in developing schooling scenarios for Holland Christian Schools’ return to school this fall. Dr. Forseth, our new Head of Schools, is keeping apprised of these discussions as well. I understand and appreciate the answers you seek in what our return to school looks like for your child. As Dr. Bultman stated and I would like to reiterate, our desire is to return to school this fall in person. Our children learn best when they are beside their teacher and their peers. We are examining all aspects of the school day for safety measures necessary to make that happen. We will also consult continuously with our OAISD, CSI, the Ottawa County Health Department and more to ensure your child’s safety and health is protected and prudent decisions are made. Thank you for your patience in the process. Ongoing communication will be provided to keep you updated this summer. As we’ve done previously, I will share with you what we know. I’m excited to offer the teaching assignments for the 2020-2021 school year at Rose Park! Our class lists are in final stages of approval. This process, as you know, is considered diligently and prayerfully from each child’s perspective. We will share the class lists with you by the end of next week. The staff is very excited to see many of you in person tomorrow during our sidewalk celebration. May God bless you and your family with summertime joy and health!

We’re eager for your child’s safe return to school.

Yours in prayer,



Teaching Assignments for 2020-2021 School Year

I’m excited to share with you who we believe with confidence God has called to teach our children in each classroom at Rose Park next year:

  • 3s – Mrs. Alli DeLange
  • 3s Spanish Immersion – Mrs. Perla DeLeon
  • 3-day 4s – Mrs. Laura Rotman
  • 3-day 4s – Mrs. Leanne Bouwman
  • 3-day 4s Spanish Immersion – Mrs. Perla DeLeon
  • JK/5-day 4s – Mrs. Stacia Stoep
  • 5-day kindergarten – Mrs. Amanda Brouwer
  • 3-day kindergarten – Mrs. Rita Bos
  • 5-day Spanish Immersion kindergarten – Mrs. Hillary Klipp-Lopez
  • 1st grade – Mrs. Sheila Dokter (+ teaching assistant)
  • 1st grade Spanish Immersion – Miss Taylor Cupery
  • 2nd grade – Mrs. Melanie Scott
  • 2nd grade – Mrs. Karina Schebor
  • 2nd grade Spanish Immersion – Mrs. Andrea Cantu
  • 3rd grade – Mrs. Jodi Hossink
  • 4th grade – Mrs. Kim VanderZwaag
  • 4th grade – Ms. Danielle Snoeyink
  • 5th grade – Mrs. Stacey Rietman
  • 5th grade – Mrs. Sue Vos (welcome to Rose Park, Sue!)

Many of you may remember Mrs. Sue Vos. She has served as an interventionist for years at Rose Park. Last year she taught fifth grade at Pine Ridge and this year will join us in the role of teacher at Rose Park for our fifth graders! Sue is an excellent teacher who gently and creativity shepherds her students. She brings many gifts to the Rose Park team and will impact her students in mighty ways. We thank God for bringing Sue Vos to the lives of our fifth graders and to Rose Park.

We say “thank you” and “God bless you” to three special staff members:

  • Mrs. Jenn Kuipers is expanding in her role as mother and therefore has accepted a smaller position teaching music to students at Zeeland Christian next year. We will miss Jenn’s enthusiasm, energy and faith and thank her for the years she has served as a teacher at Rose Park.
  • Mrs. Jana Stejskal has been prayerfully discerning God’s direction in her life. Jana will be heeding God’s call to expand in her role as Grandma and continental explorer, Lord willing, next year. Jana will be retiring. She has blessed the Rose Park community for so many years with her service. If you’ve had Jana as your child’s teacher, you know your child has been so gently loved and celebrated. She listens to her learners, loves them and leads them. You might not know this tidbit but Jana also serves as a coach at Rose Park. She has been coaching our reading and writing instruction for years. We will miss her leadership and we will miss Jana’s friendship. However, it makes us smile to imagine Jana galavanting around the countryside with her husband and family 🙂 God’s blessings to you, Jana, as you seek new ways to serve in God’s Kingdom. Your work here has been a blessing.
  • Mrs. Jamie Isanhart is also stepping down from her role as an ESS aide at Rose Park. For several years God has called Jamie to bring her wisdom, joy and compassion to the role she served in at Rose Park. Jamie has been an integral part of the lives of her students as well as the classrooms where she serves. She models faith and served well as the hands and feet of Jesus minute by minute, day in and day out. We thank Jamie for her faithful and faith-filled service. We will miss you dearly at Rose Park next year, Jamie!

The next natural question is which students will be nestling in to the home-away-from-home (a.k.a. classrooms) created by each teacher next year. We are now finalizing our lists and will send those to you by the end of next week. Thank you for your patience on this front. Our timeline, as you know, has been delayed due to all of the fluidity of this year. We are working with intentionality and prayer in creating learning environments filled with positivity and impactful learning partnerships next year.

Sidewalk Celebration

We are so excited about the chance to see you today, even if it is only through the windows of your car! We hope you are able to attend our Rose Park Sidewalk Celebration on Friday, May 29 between 11:30-1:00. We ask that families enter our parking lot only through the Butternut Drive entrance and exit through the James Street exit. Please refer to this map for a visual of traffic flow:

Teachers and staff will be waiting for you near the standing stone and will be lined up, six feet apart, along the bus lane all the way to the tennis courts! Teachers will have bags to give to each child. To exchange these items safely, we ask that you have the trunk of your car open as you drive through the celebration. Teachers will place your child’s items inside your trunk. We ask that if you have materials to return to school or have items you would like to give to your child’s teacher, please place those items in a box or bag labeled with your child’s teacher’s name in your trunk as well. Your child’s teacher will retrieve those items from your trunk rather than directly from your child. Library books from the media center and classroom libraries will be accepted as well!

This must be a hug-free, drive-thru celebration. UGH! That part will be hard but I know we can adhere to this for everyone’s health and safety.

Parents of Rising 4th Graders

All parents of rising fourth graders, our Band, Orchestra and Choir teachers are making plans for your child this fall. We would love to know your intentions or your questions in that regard. Please refer to these slides to help inform you of the choices your child has for the 2020-2021 school year. The final slide has a form we ask you to complete to indicate your intentions for BOM (band, orchestra, music) next year for your fourth grader. Thank you for helping us in our planning for your child!

Rose Park Ranch

We had some exciting momentum building this winter as we were developing curricular connections for our Rose Park Ranch planning: how we will share the farm chores with our hundreds of eager ranch hands (Rosie and Parker will be well-loved goats, of that I have no doubt) and digging into beautiful mini-barn designs. As you may well know, construction workers and projects have been put on pause throughout our state. Our project has been delayed due to the quarantine. However, the project is not cancelled. At this time I cannot provide approximate dates for the construction process to regain steam, but you can be certain I will keep you informed. Animals, plantings, chores and LIFE are innovative measures we think will help bring energy, health and enthusiasm to your child’s learning experience at Rose Park. We’ll keep you informed on our progress this summer so that you can pass along word to the little Rose Park Ranch Hand in your family!

Summer Slide

We are offering a modified Summer Slide program this year. The goal of the Summer Slide program is to keep children engaged in reading  in books that are at their level all summer. We want to help you accomplish that same goal but reach this goal safely given our circumstances. Elementary teachers and staff members from throughout Holland Christian will be reading a story online and providing some interactive questions and thought prompts to keep your child engaged in text as a thoughtful reader. These stories will be emailed to you IF you so desire. No fees to this one! Please rsvp to me, , by simply stating you would like to be put on the mailing list. I’ll send you a new story every few days throughout the summer and the reading teacher will continuously encourage your child to enjoy reading all summer long until we can meet again.

Summer Reading At Herrick District Library

Our local library is offering summer reading programming and special incentives to keep your budding reader’s nose in a book as well! Take a peek here for more details!

Immunizations for Rising 6th Graders

Immunization Requirements for rising 7th Graders:  Please schedule a call/visit with your primary care physician to discuss any immunization needs for your child.  All students MUST be up-to-date on their immunizations BEFORE they start the new school year.  Any students without the required immunizations or approved waivers will not be allowed to enter school until they are complete and approved by the State of Michigan.  Please see this information sheet listing immunization needs.

/ Requested Announcements


TTQ is offering a summer running club for boys in 3rd-5th grade.  Here are the details.