Rose Park July 2021

Hello Dear Rose Park Families! 

We have been in prayer over you this summer and miss your dear children! We trust you’ve been enjoying summertime adventures and creating beautiful memories together. We can’t wait to hear all about it from your child this fall. But let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? This is the announcement we’ve all been waiting for, haven’t we! Class lists! Please know that there has been much thought and prayerful consideration for EACH child paired with EACH teacher. While all of our teachers have variance in their style, personality and delivery, I’m SO grateful to share with you that each teacher loves her children with her WHOLE heart and desires to serve God with her best by loving and growing the children placed in her care. Please find the class lists linked at the bottom of this document.

Our Rose Park family is GROWING! We are welcoming 32 new children in our K-5 classrooms this year. You’ll note the name of each new child is denoted with a little asterisk. Please reach out to the new families in your classroom communities and welcome them fully to our family! My prayer is that EVERY child and EVERY family would find home-away-from-home at Rose Park. We have SO many new children that we have been able to add a second section of second grade for this upcoming school year! Read more about Ms. Alex Miller, our newest member of the teaching faculty, below. We are also offering a full multi-age Spanish Immersion class for second and third grade this year. We’re so excited and grateful that Maestra Cantu is their loving, skillful teacher and Maestra Wezeman is their teaching assistant.

Summer joy, adventure and blessings be yours,


/ New Staff

Spanish Immersion 3s Preschool

Maestra Rodriguez

What a privilege it is to introduce myself as the new Spanish Immersion 3s Preschool Teacher. My name is Abi Rodriguez, a Holland native, whose heart is deeply rooted in the Latino community. As a daughter of migrant parents I grew up in both Michigan and Texas. Living a multicultural lifestyle by moving back and forth every year until I was in high school; this granted me the knowledge to appreciate both my Latino background and my non-diverse community, and how my identity was important in both. My husband Ruben and I, along with our two daughters Blair and Lorelai live our lives as bridge builders. We believe that building bridges to fill the gaps between communities is an important task God has set for our family. We are kingdom focused and believe in unity. It is an honor to teach in the same program that my own children are a part of. The Spanish Immersion program at Rose Park is dedicated to not only providing an all-Spanish learning experience but a cultural one too. One that helps children have a deeper understanding of a community outside of their own. Paving the way for mini bridge builders; and I have the privilege of being the introduction to such a wonderful way of learning.

I am deeply committed to providing your family with a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a successful lifetime of learning, in both a Spanish and cultural experience.

Enjoy this little glimpse in photos of who we are as The Rods:



1st Grade

Miss Alex Miller

Hello everyone!

I would like to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Alex Miller and I will be part of the first grade team this coming school year! I am originally from Southern California but pursued my college career in Chicago at Trinity Christian College, earning my license in elementary education and special education as well as playing soccer for four years. I graduated from Trinity in December of 2020. I was able to gain experience after graduating by accepting a position here in Michigan in January of 2021 to teach fifth grade. I have loved my time here and decided to stay, which I truly believe was God’s calling. I am so excited to see the ways God works in me as I jump right into first grade! I am looking forward to creating many relationships and memories as part of the Holland Christian family while I learn alongside my students. I am blessed to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to see the growth that my students experience, with guidance from the Lord.

Spanish Immersion 2nd and 3rd Grade Teaching Assistant

Maestra Wezeman

Hello families! My name is Jen Wezeman and I live in Holland with my husband, two wonderful children and two adopted cats.  I graduated from Hope College with majors in Spanish and Education and minors in English and Philosophy.  I received my M.A. in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from Western Michigan University and have been teaching Spanish for the past nineteen years in both Illinois and Michigan.  I am deeply thankful that God lead me to Rose Park to serve in a new role as an Immersion co-teacher and assistant, where my faith can be woven into my work and I can share my love of the Spanish language and culture with your precious children. Outside of work, my passions are reading, writing, gardening, cooking (but no baking!) and exploring new restaurants and natural beauty spots with my family.

Happy Summertime!

Our School Counselor

Mrs. Kyra Short

I am so very excited to be joining the Rose Park community as the school counselor! This will be my second year working at Holland Christian, adding to my role as the middle school counselor. As a school counselor, I feel called to support our students as they find and develop their own success in and out of the classroom. I am looking forward to educating and encouraging the Rose Park students as they grow in their social and emotional learning.

In our free time, my husband, Thomas, and I love to go out for drives and discover new things in the area and spend time with family and friends. I also love to play games, craft, and read.

I am excited to continue getting to know and become a part of the Holland Christian community by joining the team at Rose Park.


Educational Support Services Inclusion Specialist

Mrs. Erin Johnson

Hello families of Rose Park!

My name is Erin Johnson, and I will be the ESS Inclusion Teacher at Rose Park servicing students who have inclusive education needs and providing consultation to Forest School. I am also the K-8 Unified Sports Coordinator. After 4 years of teaching at Holland Christian Middle School in this role, I am eager to help contribute to the already inclusive environment present at Rose Park and continue to emphasize the truth that we are all capable and worthy.

Outside of teaching, my husband and I have two amazing children, ages 3 and 8 months. My son, Dominic, will be beginning in three-school this year. I am so excited to be in the same building as him. My husband is the youth pastor at Pillar Church where we are members.

I attended Hope College (class of 2016) and received my BA in Special Education: Learning Disabilities and Elementary Education. I am currently working toward my Master’s Degree in Special Education: Cognitive Impairments at GVSU.

My younger brother, who has the gift of Down syndrome, has been a major influence in my life. He is the reason I decided to pursue special education and his presence in my life inspired me to write a children’s book that will be released this Fall! My personal experiences growing up with him has helped inform my teaching practices and my devotion to children with disabilities.

In my spare time, I enjoy running, writing, creating videos, and traveling. I also love spending time with the Lord, my family, and my community in Holland.

I am looking forward to my first year as a part of the Rose Park family!

/ Announcements

Good News From Food Services

Breakfast will be offered as students enter the building each morning to take to their class.  Students must choose a fruit along with 1 other choice—we encourage our students to take 3 items.

FREE Breakfast Menu Choices:

  •  Fresh, canned fruit options and or 100% juice,
  •  Low sugar cereal bowls or muffins
  •  Yogurt, Cheese choices, or Boiled Eggs
  •  1% White Milk

Preschool Students – will be offered breakfast in their classroom when they arrive and as before, lunch will be FREE.  We will continue the grab and go options for students who have ½ day as well as for siblings.

Lunch will be free as well with all the favorite options as before! To see all food service options for all our schools see the back to school food service options flyer

Safety Policy Updates

For updated return to school information please see our Return to School page.

  • COVID-19 vaccines will not be required for your child to attend school this fall.
  • COVID-19 testing for participation in school athletics will no longer be required.
  • Our student bodies can begin to gather together in large groups again! Think: chapel, assemblies, convocation, and more.
  • We will continue to contact trace (providing information only, no quarantines required) and notify close-contacts of their exposure to positive COVID-19 cases at school.

We acknowledge that there are individuals who may have health concerns that make them more susceptible to COVID-19 and are at higher risk. We support your personal decisions to protect yourself and your family and will continue to do our best as a school system to prioritize the health of all students, families, and staff.

Guess what this means?! We will again eat lunch in the W.E.L.L. Center (Worship, Eat, Learn, Love)! We will hold chapel TOGETHER in the W.E.L.L. Center! Buddy classes will return! We will once again sing together! We are so grateful and cannot wait! More details will be shared with you as we put the plans together!

Preschool Meet the Teacher Night

On Tuesday, August 17 from 7:00-8:30 PM we look forward to all preschool parents joining us for an evening of meeting your child’s teacher and teacher aide for the upcoming school year.

Ice Cream Social

Please save the date! Our Ice Cream Social will be held on Thursday, August 19. It feels natural to congregate with the people that you know and celebrate friendships. I encourage you to please be on the lookout for the families of our 32 new students. They are eager to experience the warm welcome Rose Park students are known for! Please extend an introduction and learn the stories of those you may not be familiar with! God is good and God’s goodness is known through the love of His people! The Ice Cream Social will be open house format. You are welcome to visit the classroom, meet your child’s teacher, bring in some school supplies, enjoy some ice cream and meet new friends at Rose Park any time between 6:30-8:00 on Thursday, August 19. We’re eager to see you again!

K-5th Grade Meet the Teacher Night

On Thursday, August 26th from 7:00-8:30pm we look forward to all Kindergarten-5th grade parents joining us for an evening of meeting your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year.

Rose Park Ranch

It’s coming, friends! COVID put the brakes on many projects and norms last year. But, I’m grateful to report that the Ranch is rolling! Schippers Construction has been awarded the bid and will be our contractor for the project! More goat and chicken details to follow!

Special Help Wanted!

Do you love little ones? Does your heart beat a little faster when you see a child working hard and learning to be independent? We have a very special child returning to Rose Park next year who needs to be paired with a very special assistant. Our third grader, who is beloved by his classmates, is able to return to in-person learning at Rose Park next year and we are thrilled. There are a plethora of loving helpers in the class but we also need the support of a loving and patient adult to guide and implement his daily plans. This special student has Down’s Syndrome and is making exciting gains. If you are interested in supporting his growth and enriching the lives of all of the third graders in the class from 10:00-3:00 Monday through Friday, please reach out to Miska at for more details. She’d love to listen to your heart and talk you through the details.

Class and Supply Lists

Rose Park Class Lists

Rose Park Supply Lists

Health Appraisal and Immunization Requirements

Important to do BEFORE school starts! Health appraisals are required for our 2021-22 incoming preschool and kindergarten students. As you schedule your well child appointments with your health care provider, please be aware these evaluations will need to be completed. All students must be up to date on their immunizations BEFORE they start the new school year. Any students without the required immunizations or approved waivers will not be allowed to begin school until they are complete and approved by the State of Michigan. We are grateful for your help with this!

Rose Park Parent Team

If you would like to join the supportive work our Parent Team provides, whether you would like to work on projects primarily from home or attend periodic meetings, we are looking for interested friends to join in the work for our 2021-22 school year!  Please contact Allison Koster or Cassie Kamphuis Please consider being a part of our team!

/ Calendar

View the full Holland Christian Calendar


  • 17 Preschool Meet the Teacher Night
  • 19 Ice Cream Social
  • 24 First day of School (full day)
  • 26 Parent Information Night

/ Requested Announcements

Boys 3rd-5th TTQ (Total Trek Quest)

We are working hard to bring a great TTQ program to our boys and families. We are offering an all virtual and a hybrid option. The hybrid option will have one in-person practice weekly held at area PARKS—not SCHOOLS, such as Helder Park, Kollen Park, Pottawattomie and Ransom Park.

If you have any question or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at 616.430.6561 or We are looking forward to continuing our TTQ program! Access to the online TTQ FLYER will be available late summer or early fall.