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Behind all of the glitz and jingle that entices our children this season there remains the steadfast reason for our celebrations. Jesus Christ willingly took on human form and entered into this world to offer forgiveness and restoration to humankind. To ALL humankind. At Rose Park we are acutely aware of the impact our daily lessons, conversations and even minute interactions have on our children. In this season, we desire that our children would think outside of themselves and understand, in these formative years, that Christ’s birth is celebrated by nations, people and creeds all around our world. Humankind stands together to celebrate the coming of our King who restored our broken condition! Each of our classes have chosen a country to research; we will learn of the customs and traditions of a particular people group. Each class will display their findings in the hallways throughout Rose Park. We can’t wait to watch our hallways come alive with the representation of MANY beautiful traditions found throughout our world. Each classroom will tour the building to learn about others’ customs and celebrations at Christmas time. We suspect we will learn that a love for Jesus and grateful hearts are offered, similar to ours, all around the world. Our prayer is that our children will see and know that people from every nation and tribe, from every race and language are more alike than we are different!

In the intersection we will have a display set up representing the work of Tent Schools International. Tent Schools International is formerly known as World Wide Christian Schools. They are an organization that works throughout the world to identify needs of school-aged children who have been displaced. Tent Schools International sets up temporary Christian schools for these displaced children in need. These schools are often a tent structure and are most frequently placed in refugee camps. Christian educators work to meet the academic, emotional and spiritual needs of children in these schools. What a beautiful example of doing Kingdom work this side of heaven! While touring Rose Park and learning all about Jesus’ birth celebrated around the world, we will also teach our children about this pursuit of Christian education around the world. Children will be invited to contribute a few dollars to this cause so that we can help support the funding of a new tent school for children identified in need.

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Etrás de todo el brillo y el tintineo que atrae a nuestros niños esta temporada, permanece el firme motivo de nuestras celebraciones. Jesucristo tomó voluntariamente forma humana y entró en este mundo para ofrecer perdón y restauración a la humanidad. ¡A TODA la humanidad! En Rose Park somos muy conscientes del impacto que nuestras lecciones diarias, conversaciones e incluso interacciones mínimas tienen con nuestros estudiantes. En esta temporada, deseamos que nuestros estudiantes piensen fuera de sí mismos y comprendan, en estos años de formación, que el nacimiento de Cristo es celebrado por naciones, personas y credos alrededor del mundo. ¡La humanidad se une para celebrar la llegada de nuestro Rey que restauró nuestra condición quebrantada! Cada una de nuestras clases ha elegido un país para investigar; aprenderemos sobre las costumbres y tradiciones de un grupo de personas en particular. Cada clase exhibirá sus investigaciones en los pasillos de Rose Park. No podemos esperar a ver cómo nuestros pasillos cobran vida con la representación de MUCHAS tradiciones hermosas que se encuentran en todo el mundo. Cada salón recorrerá el edificio para conocer las costumbres y celebraciones de los demás en la época navideña. Sospechamos que aprenderemos que se ofrece un amor por Jesús y corazones agradecidos, similares al nuestro, en todo el mundo. ¡Nuestra oración es que nuestros estudiantes vean y sepan que las personas de todas las naciones y tribus, de todas las razas e idiomas son más parecidas que diferentes!

En la intersección tendremos una pantalla que representará el trabajo de “Tent Schools International”. Tent Schools International se conocía anteriormente como Worldwide Christian Schools. Son una organización que trabaja en todo el mundo para identificar las necesidades de los niños en edad escolar que han sido desplazados. Tent Schools International establece escuelas cristianas temporales para estos niños desplazados necesitados. Estas escuelas son a menudo una estructura de carpa y se colocan con mayor frecuencia en campamentos de refugiados. Los educadores cristianos trabajan para satisfacer las necesidades académicas, emocionales y espirituales de los niños en estas escuelas. ¡Qué hermoso ejemplo de hacer la obra del Reino de este lado del cielo! Mientras recorremos Rose Park y aprendemos todo sobre el nacimiento de Jesús celebrado en todo el mundo, también enseñaremos a nuestros estudiantes sobre esta búsqueda de la educación cristiana en todo el mundo. Los estudiantes estarán invitados a contribuir con unos pocos dólares a esta causa para que podamos ayudar a financiar una nueva escuela de carpas para niños identificados con necesidades.

Yours in Christ,

Miska (and a BIG shout out to Dinah for all of the translating! Thank you, friend!)

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Restocking our Clothes Closet

Do you have extra items your child has outgrown that you are looking to donate? Our supply of pants, underwear, socks and shirts is dwindling.   We would love to add to our school closet.   We mostly need boys/girls size 6-10 pants,  size 5 and up underwear (boys and girls), and small socks (for preschool – 5th grade). Thank you!

School Supplied Snacks

The USDA has created a federal program feeding all school children lunch, at no cost to families, during this pandemic.  Two SNACKS will now also be offered to all school children each day.  We’ve got your child covered (and well fed)!

Student Absences

Please report to us if your child(ren) is going to be absent. This needs to be done each day they will not be in school. Also, we would appreciate it if they were reported in by 8:45 AM, but you can call and leave a message anytime before that time. If you do not call us, and if the child’s teacher does not know about the absence, we will try to call you. This policy is to protect your child; we want to ensure your child’s safe arrival at school.

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Dec 21-Jan 4: Christmas Break

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Little Maroons

Due to the current safety protocols, our kindergarten through sixth grade Little Maroons basketball programing will be postponed till after Christmas break.  Current registrations will be automatically registered for the new dates.  City of Holland Recreation will also be postponing our 5/6er programing as well, but more specific information will be coming from them as well.  The dates we are planning on at this point for our grade levels are the following:

K-2: Skill Sessions on 1/9, 1/16 and 1/23:

(10:30-12pm: Girls at Pine Ridge & Boys at High School)

3-4: Skill Sessions on 1/9, 1/16 and 1/23 & League Play 1/30, 2/6, 2/13 and 2/20:

(8:30-10am: Girls at Pine Ridge & Boys at High School)

5-6: Skill Sessions on 1/9, 1/16 and 1/23 & City of Holland Dates Coming:

(12:30-2pm: Girls at Pine Ridge & Boys at High School)

More information about specific safety protocols may be communicated as we get closer to January, but the plan is to continue with our current practice of wearing face masks, 1 spectator per participant, distancing, and washing of hands and equipment.