We’d really rather meet you in person. Shake your hand. Give a hug, discover your story. But if that’s not immediately possible, we’ll at least give you our virtual tour, our introductory spiel of our preK-12th grade Christian school system here, so we’ll feel like old friends when you can stop in. You can read about each of our six vibrant school campuses, lean into the adventure a tantalizing bit, then come and check us out for real. Of course, just like any of our community members, you’re welcome to simply drop in at the front office. Our teachers are that good, that welcoming—they’ll smile and wave and take the time to meet you, and then get right back at their teaching without missing a beat. But if you give us a heads up beforehand, we’ll make sure we’ve got the coffee pot freshly brewed. Or the tea kettle on. We’d be honored to pray with you, swap stories of how God journeyed each of us here, to this moment. Sometimes we even have a fellow student who’d love to show your own kid around, give her the student perspective. Either way, this could be the start of something good. For you. For us. For all of us!

South Side

Preschool-2nd Grade

Forest School

Kindergarten-3rd Grade

Pine Ridge

3rd-5th Grade

Rose Park

Preschool-5th Grade

Middle School

6th-8th Grade

High School

9th-12th Grade

“I like that we can freely worship Christ. I also enjoy the overall feel of Holland Christian. It’s very welcoming to new students, and very welcoming to students who have been going their whole life. I also enjoy the character of the people here and how inclusive they are.”