Health Appraisal
Your child must have a current physical checkup by your health care provider before they begin preschool and also their immunizations must be up-to-date. A doctors signature is required on this form. If you choose not to have immunizations given to your child, you must obtain a waiver form from the Ottawa County Health Department (616) 396-5266.

HC Preschool Field Trip Permission Slip

Central Registry Clearance Request (for anyone interested in volunteering in our MORNING classrooms)
HC Preschool requires all volunteers to fill out this form in order to help in the classroom. Each adult who will be helping needs to fill this out. A copy of each persons drivers license needs to be attached to the form in order for us to send it in! NOTE: please indicate on the form what COUNTY you live in as we need to send these to two different offices (Allegan or Ottawa).

Child Information Record

Consent to Obtain Criminal History Information

“Lets Get To Know Each Other” Questionnaire

HC Preschool Volunteer Form