Welcome to South Side. Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn a little about who we are and a bit of all that the South Side community offers. We welcome you to come and visit us when the hallways and classrooms bustle with our preschool through second grade children going about the business of learning about God’s beautiful world while discovering and following His will in their lives.

South Side has been described by many as a children’s garden. What a beautiful metaphor. The children in our garden are lovingly enriched, patiently tended, appreciated and pointed always to their heavenly Father. Our staff is eager and equipped to meet each student where he or she is and to grow them into a deep and faith-filled relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Just like gardening can be messy, learning can be too. Together we learn about one another and discover how we can best meet the needs of each unique child. Children spend much of their time at South Side engaged in enriching learning experiences as well as developing their skills in a workshop model with teachers serving as coaches and encouragers. As you peruse through the pictures and pages here, you will find that it is our humble honor to pray daily with and for each child, to partner with parents, and to walk, one hand in your child’s and the other in God’s, as we grow, develop and learn together.

Mrs. Miska Rynsburger, Principal

913 Pine Ave
Holland, MI 49423
(616) 820-3535

“The culture at South Side is clearly driven by love of the Lord and love for the children. The teachers’ passion is noticeable, clear, and authentic.”



FS/SS/PR Newsletter-February 15

Enjoy some Makers Week photos from the past week at Pine Ridge. We pray each of you are able to rest a bit and enjoy some additional family time on this PLANNED extended weekend. Your child’s teacher blogs will share the activities we celebrated this week on Valentine’s Day. What a joy it is to […]

FS/SS/PR Newsletter-February 8

Between South Side and Pine Ridge we are in the midst of Makers Week. The energy and excitement for learning and collaboration is running on high octane during these weeks! I hope the South Siders came home with many great stories showcasing student innovation and design thinking. Pine Ridge parents, be sure to ask about […]

FS/SS/PR Newsletter-February 1

What a week it has been. I suspect we’ll reminisce about this one for quite a long time. The temps, wind and snow totals were quite remarkable. With today’s sunshine and birds chirping, it feels like we need to bring out the shorts and sunglasses! Thank you for accommodating the cancellations. We are geared up […]