FS/SS/PR Newsletter-October 5, 2018

The calendar page has turned. The weather seems to have turned. A new season is upon us. October brings much excitement. Please note in the details below regarding our Grandparents/friends’ Day celebrations, parent/teacher conference dates and times as well as our first quarter report cards which will be coming to you soon. It is a blessing to grow with you as we partner together raising our blessed children of God day by day!

Shared Announcements

Little Maroons Boys and Girls Basketball Clinics and Leagues

All skill levels are welcome!  Holland Christian High School Athletes and Coaches will be leading these three sessions and leagues. For more information and to sign up for HC Clinics and Leagues go to http://bit.ly/littlemaroons For Holland Rec. league play sign up for 5th and 6th http://teamsideline.com/sites/   Little Maroons Flyer

Grandparents/Friends Day

Please let your child’s grandparents or grand-friends know that they are invited to a special Grandparents/friends Day on Thursday, October 11. Preschool will host their grandparents/friends from 9:00-10:00. K-2 will host our special guests from 10:15-11:30 and finally Pine Ridge will welcome grandparents/friends from 12:45-2:00. If they haven’t started drinking caffeine, this will be a great day to start!

HC Tuition Grant Fund Auction October 13 @ 6pm.

Have you registered yet for this year’s Tuition Grant Fund Auction? It’s held on Holland Christian High School’s main street, and is a fun evening that exists to raise money for Christian education, working to make it more affordable for everyone. We take a delicious dinner catered in style by Alpenrose, and add live music from the talented musicians in the Holland Christian Jazz Band, energetic emcees, and interesting people. In addition to entertainment and fellowship, you get to bid on over 150 fabulous gifts graciously given by our community, all to support Holland Christian’s Tuition Grant Fund. We offer a wide variety of items and price points on the buy-a-line auction so that everyone can participate in the fun.  For more information, please contact Leanne Halma, Anne Bushouse or Anita Mulder. Please join us Saturday, October 13 at 6:00PM.  Remember to register here before September 28! https://www.hollandchristian.org/tuition-grant-fund/tuition-grant-fund-auction-registration/

Hot Lunch Negative Balances

A friendly reminder that school food service is a prepay program.  We are noticing that families have not deposited money into their child’s account yet this year….however they are enjoying hot lunch each day.   We would so appreciate– if you would take responsibility for your child’s meal account balance.   You may drop off a check at the school office or go onto sendmoneytoschool.com and make a payment on line with your child(ren)’s ID number.  You may pay by credit card at the SMTS site.
It’s never too late to apply for meal benefits.  If you received benefits last year, you must reapply each year.  Go to lunchapp.com and choose your district that oversees your food service.   If you have never applied for benefits and feel you may qualify…go to the site and review household  income and family size to determine if you may be eligible.  Thank you for supporting our programs, we enjoy serving your students!

Hot Lunch Menu

Parent Teacher Conferences

Mark your calendars!  Parent teacher conferences are coming up!  Conferences will be held on Monday, October 22,  4:00pm-8:00pm and Tuesday, October 23, 4:00pm-8:00pm

CEA Convention

As a reminder, there will be no school on Thursday and Friday October 25 and 26.


TRIP Newsletter

South Side Announcements

Wellness Wednesdays!

The first Wednesday of each month, you might notice the staff at South Side dressed a little differently. We celebrate Wellness Wednesday the first Wednesday of each month. We have found that jumping jacks and pencil skirts don’t go well together so you’ll see us in our exercise gear! There is no formal curricula set aside for this day, we just intentional move more in and out of the classroom as well as evaluate how we’re caring for the miraculous bodies God has blessed us with. Sometimes teachers will show the myplate image during snack or lunchtime to help guide our discussion of food groups, healthy choices and the purpose of the food we are blessed with in our community. We also have a casual running club that meets together, for those who choose to, at recess times to run laps around our playground. Mrs. Rynsburger was huffing and puffing with the club this past Wednesday and logged the distance and time on her phone. Get this, Mom and Dad. These speedy little runners ran one mile in 6:40! We took two breaks on top of the hill while running that mile but, WOW! speedy running club, right? While we were running along, some of the wonderful little chatterboxes didn’t even miss a beat with coming along side me and reporting all of the good things your family has been up to with their little legs churning ALMOST as fast as their mouths. I know that you know this, but it’s worthy of repeating: we love your children and just enjoy them at all parts of the school day!

Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks!

Kindness Rocks. Feel free to take the word “rocks” here as either a noun or a verb. Our Junior Kindergarteners have presented South Siders with a worthy challenge. Each JK child painted several rocks in their class to create something they call “Kindness Rocks”. They proceeded to scatter and hide these special rocks throughout the playground. If and when any sleuthing student discovers a Kindness Rock lying in wait on the playground, they are immediately met with a challenge. They may decide to leave the rock in its place and carry on playing or they may pick up the rock and in-so-doing accept the challenge. The challenge is the new owner of the special rock must act in kindness toward another person or to some thing. No rules. Just follow their heart and be kind. Upon completion of the kindness act, they get to find a new special hiding place for that rock and pass along the challenge to the next student. It has been fun to see how creative our children are in response to this challenge. I’ve seen children closely monitoring the buddy benches awaiting a customer seeking friendship. I’ve seen children shagging playground balls at the close of recess to return them to the barrels. Children have offered a compliment to someone they’ve never spoken with before! I even watched a second grader help a little kindergartener down from the monkey bars! As our kids are demonstrating, stones or no stones, KINDNESS ROCKS!

A.C.E  After School Community Enrichment

Flyers to sign up for classes are coming home today!  Classes will begin Thursdays, November 1 – December 6 from 3:20pm until 5pm.

Introduction to Martial Arts

Learn entry level Martial Arts techniques with a certified instructor. Each week you will learn fun and exciting skills in addition to focus, listening skills, self confidence and goal setting. Students who complete this class will be invited to a white belt graduation ceremony at Chan’s School of Martial Arts.


Learn the art of crafting and make beautiful gifts that can be shared with others.  Kids will “Prepare a Table” with their hands by creating crafts such as artistic placemats and tile coasters which can be used to extend hospitality to family and friends.  Crafts will be hands-on and fun!

Story Reader Organizer

We are so appreciative of all of the volunteers who have offered to read to our children! We have many returned slips from parents, grandparents and friends! Mrs. Haig has organized this cadre of volunteers for many years and she is interested in passing on that mantel. She is willing to show any interested party all of her tips and tricks to assign readers to classes, once a month. It’s a low-level/high-impact commitment. Does this sound like a role you might be curious about? Please contact Mrs. Haig at chaig@hollandchristian.org or Miska at mrynsburger@hollandchristian.org

Grandparents/Friends Day

Please let your child’s grandparents or grandfriends know they are invited to a special Grandparents/friends Day on Thursday, October 11Preschool will host their grandparents/friends from 9:00-10:00K-2 will host our special guests from 10:15-11:30 and finally Pine Ridge will welcome grandparents/friends from 12:45-2:00. If they haven’t started drinking caffeine, this will be a great day to start!

Forest School Announcements

Grandparents/Friends Day

We have enough grandparents/friends day crammed into one day in October! We can’t expect them to wheel over to one more celebration! While we know grandparents are amazing people. there are limits! 😉 Forest School Grandparents Day will take place on Friday, May 17 in the afternoon. More details forthcoming!

Pine Ridge Announcements

Hearing and Vision Screening

We will have our annual Hearing and Vision Screening Friday, Oct. 12.  Vision screening is for ages 3rd & 5th Grades. Hearing testing is for 4th Grade.  Make up day is Thursday afternoon, October 18th.  If you would like your child tested and is not in these age groups, Please email pr@hollandchristian.org to request a testing slot.

6th Grade Athletics

6th graders have more opportunities to participate in Middle School athletics.  Our Winter 1 season begins 10/15/18.  Please click on this link to read more about the opportunities.

A.C.E  After School Community Enrichment

Flyers to sign up for classes are coming home today!  Classes will begin Thursdays, November 1 – December 6 from 3:20pm until 5pm.

LEGO Maker Lab

Make a dancing robot, a mechanical toy, or an amusement park ride! Makers unite in a Lego Makerspace to share knowledge, experiment, create, tinker and learn. In each class you will use the design process to creatively solve a design challenge. As you work toward your ultimate goal, you continuously modify, retest and rebuild. In this class we cultivate a mindset that you will have opportunities to make mistakes and to try again. Have fun discovering what Lego bricks can become!

Create…Kindness in a Card! 

Learn to create greeting for your family and friends. The joy in card making is the personal touch. People love to know you cared enough to sit down and create something for them. Students will leave each class with at least three handmade cards that they can use for special occasions including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Box Tops Collection

We are sending home a Box top collection sheet to encourage students to collect box tops for our school between now and Oct 15th.  Look for these Box Tops on hundreds of products. They come in all shapes and sizes and each one is worth 10¢ for our school.  They don’t need to be clipped perfectly… just make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration dates. Expired Box Tops don’t count towards earnings!  Go to https://www.boxtops4education.com/about for more information and Bonus Box top Earnings using the app and sweepstakes for bonuses!

GPI School Pictures

If you would like to order photo’s or yearbooks online, you can do so by going to www.geskusphoto.com/fallorders.  Select our School Name in the main page, Pine Ridge Elementary #1819, and follow the instructions.  Picture retake day will be Nov. 1st, 2018 right away in the morning.  If you would like a photo retake, you must bring in the GPI photo proof package that you received and were not happy with back to school on retake day.  If your child(ren) were not at school on September 13 for photo day, they can get a photo taken on this day as well, Extra order flyers are in the school office!  Reminder: Yearbooks have to be ordered in advance, we will not have extra copies to sell in May 2019.  Our School web code is 2427VNYJSTCGVJ

Requested Announcements

Parade of Fire Trucks

Friday, October 5 at 7:00PM is the 36th annual Parade of Fire Trucks in downtown Holland.

Beginner Harp Course

Martha Waldvogel-Warren, Harp Instructor at Hope College, offers this wonderful opportunity in cooperation with the Holland Symphony Orchestra.  Registration is limited to 6 students, due to the number of harps available. Contact Martha at martha@waldvogelwarren.net or call 616-610-9004 to sign up today.  Flyer

5th /6th Grade Girls Lakeshore Volleyball League

Would you like to play volleyball for a local League?  This is a travel Volleyball league that will compete against area communities.  Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Saturday games will require some travel to local communities.   This League runs from Saturday, October 22 – December 8, 2018.  Registration between 9/25/2018-10/8/2018 will be Fees: $40 Resident~$55 Non-Resident.  After 10/8/2018 registration increases to Fees: $50 Resident~$65 Non-Resident; pending availability.  Go to Holland Recreation website to Register for the Lakeshore Volleyball League!

Holland Area Arts Council

Creative kids, Holland Area Art Council is offering classes & Workshops for all ages!  Please visit their website for more information! www.hollandarts.org or call 616-396-3278.  Flyers are available in the school office.


Upcoming Dates:


11 – Grandparents Day SS/PR
12 – Hearing & Vision Testing at PR
13 – Tuition Grant Fund Auction
18 – Hearing & Vision Testing at PR, afternoon
22 & 23 Parent Teacher Conferences
25 & 26 – No School: CEA Convention


1 – picture make up/retake date (SS & PR)
1 – A.C.E. classes begin
11/19-12/5 – PR swimming lessons (3Boer, 3DeZwaan, 4Meyering & 4VanWeelden)
21 – 1/2 Day of School ( 11:30am Dismissal )
22-23 – Thanksgiving vacation


12/6-12/19 – SS swimming lessons
12/6-12/19 – PR swimming lessons (4Hirdes/Riemersma)
24- January 4 – Christmas vacation

Working Together in Christ,

Miska Rynsburger

South Side Principal



Tim Howell

Pine Ridge Principal