SS/PR February Newsletter

We just celebrated 100 days, with more gratitude than we have probably ever felt on this day, our 100th day of in-person education! Going into this year we didn’t really know what to expect. God has been faithful and we are so grateful HC elementary schools have been allowed to be together to learn, laugh and love 100 times! Thank you for trusting us with educating and loving your child this year! We don’t take this responsibility or relationship for granted! We had fun celebrating this 100-day milestone with your learners!

Peace and joy to all of you.

Erin Wyma, Director of Learning

/ Shared Announcements

Wacky Wednesdays Are Back!!!

Please see the schedule for Wacky Wear and Fun Wednesdays in February:

3 – Wacky Hair Day
10 – Pajama Day
17 – Hat Day
24 – Sports Day

Winter Gear

Please make sure your child has extra winter clothing needed for the winter months. We have very limited items at school to loan students, but for sanitary and safety reasons, cannot return items to the collective inventory for 72 hours after they have been used. If there is a large number of students borrowing items we deplete the inventory quickly. Thank you for making this a priority for your child’s health and warmth.

Items to include with your child are:

  • Snow pants for warmth, even if it is not snowing
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Boots

Student Absences

Please report to us if your child(ren) is going to be absent. This needs to be done each day they will not be in school. Also, we would appreciate it if they were reported in by 8:45 AM, but you can call and leave a message anytime before that time. If you do not call us, and if the child’s teacher does not know about the absence, we will try to call you. This policy is to protect your child; we want to ensure your child’s safe arrival at school.

Hot Lunch Menu

The February Lunch Menu is now available.

School Supplied Snacks

The USDA has created a federal program feeding all school children lunch, at no cost to families, during this pandemic. Two SNACK items will now also be offered to all school children each day. We’ve got your child covered (and well fed)!

/ Pine Ridge Announcements

Spring Boys TTQ (Total Trek Quest)

This past fall we were able to offer an all virtual and a hybrid TTQ program. With the hybrid program we had one practice day that was virtual and one practice day that was in person every week over a 9-week period. The virtual practices involved a 90-minute zoom lesson that included an indoor workout, an adapted TTQ activity and followed with ample opportunity for discussion. The in-person practices were held at local parks adhering to CDC guidelines including social distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitizing. Boys from different schools were invited to join at the parks for a warmup, running, and a modified TTQ activity.

Looking into the Spring 2021 season we will continue to offer these choices. The spring season will begin later than usual on April 12, 2021, due to the current pandemic situation. As we continue to follow the guidelines set out in the Michigan Safe Schools Roadmap, we will again be unable to hold TTQ practice at schools. We will use regional parks where practice can be held outside. Because of this, we need to push the start of the season back so that the weather will be warm enough to be outside for our 90-minute practice. We will be sending out more promotional materials in February as well as the registration link when it is available.

If you have any question or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at 616-430-6561 or We are looking forward to continuing our TTQ program!

Spring Pine Ridge Runners Girls or GOTR (Girls on the Run)?

We would love to be able to offer the Pine Ridge Runner Girls club again this spring for 3rd-5th grade girls, but are looking for a parent volunteer or two to organize it and run the running/meetings twice a week after school. It is not difficult, and is really quite rewarding! If you are at all interested, we would be happy to help you get things started. If interested, or for more information, please contact Laura Norman at Pine Ridge at 616.820.3505 or

/ Calendar

View the full Holland Christian Calendar.


3 – Wacky Hair Day
10 – Pajama Day
15 – No School: Professional Development
Presidents Day
17 – Hat Day
24 – Sports Day


26 – Report Cards Go Home
29 & 31 – PT Conferences