South Side/Pine Ridge May Newsletter


Sun is shining, birds are chirping and buds are appearing–Spring is in the air! As seasons change, it is always the tangible reminder that we serve such an amazing Creator who has planned such artistry for His creation. This time of year we also are able to get outside a lot more both at home and at school which makes for happy and engaged children. We have a lot of exciting things happening this month!

Erin Wyma
South Side Elementary Principal

/ Shared Announcements

Spring Program Event

This otherwise semi-annual event will not occur this year due to continued COVID & current regulations.

MIP ( Moms in Prayer )

The weekly meetings have concluded for the 2020-21 school year. Thank you to all who so faithfully met to pray over our school and children this year. We are looking forward to reengage for the 201-20 school year. If you have questions please feel free to email Nicole Shoook at

Hot Lunch Menu

The May Lunch Menu is now available.

Library notice

From Mrs. Hofman comes this end of the school year announcement regarding library materials. Please be looking for any books you may have received a notice for as being overdue.
  • The week of May 3-7 (Tulip Time week!) is the last week for students to borrow books from the South Side and Pine Ridge Libraries.
  • All student library materials are due by May 14.

The Parent Board

The Parent Board is looking for new members and volunteers for the 2021-2022 school year! Members meet once a month to help plan and participate in the events happening around Southside, Pine Ridge, and Forest schools.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a member, please email Kelli Kruithof at

Are you interested in being involved but can’t commit to full Parent Board membership? Sign up to be on our volunteer list. We will then contact you with volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is May 3-7 this year. Our teachers and staff have done a tremendous job of caring for our kiddos while adjusting to the ever-changing demands of this unique year. Instead of focusing our appreciation in the course of 1 week, let’s OVERWHELM them with appreciation in the last month of the year! Below, you will find links to Southside and Pine Ridge staff members’ “Favorite Things.” Feel free to reference these links when considering how you can show your appreciation for the adults at HC who have blessed your kids’ lives. And as always, don’t feel that you need to buy something! A thank you card or hand-written note from your child is always appreciated too!

/South Side Announcements

STEM Learning

STEM projects and Makers activities are happening on a consistent basis in many of our preschool-2nd grade classrooms, and have proven to increast student learning across all content areas! It is very exciting to watch the student engagement increase as STEM gives students the opportunity for more choice, critical problem solving, deeper collaboration and LOADS of creativity.

The 2nd graders loved working through their Kid Town economics unit this month! They studied needs versus wants, the kind of businesses we visit to purchase goods and services to satisfy our wants. At the end of the unit they experienced a real-life simulation, working at the stores in a little made-up town, aka “Kid Town,” set up in the gym. It’s a beautiful program and hands-on way to teach students about using their gifts and talents to glorify God through the work of their hands and interactions with others in a business-themed setting!

/ Pine Ridge Announcements

Fourth Grade Market

We were able to hold the annual Fourth Grade Market although in a little different way, since parents were not able to help at school this year. However, the fourth grade students still created their market plans, built their products, made the sales, and donated their tithe to the HC Tuition Grant Fund!

STEM Learning

Increasingly, STEM projects are important hands-on learning at Pine Ridge this spring. In connection to a 5th grade unit on the American Revolution, students built a scene depicting an event of that time. 4th grade classes built structures to demonstrate geometry concepts. 3rd grade students used ramps and weights to study force and motion, and look forward to publishing their non-fiction animal book.

MAP Tests

End of the year MAP Tests (Measure of Academic Progress) will be given during the weeks of May 10 through 21.

Field Day

We are planning a modified Field Day to be held near the end of the school year for just the Pine Ridge students at Pine Ridge. We’re excited that we get to hold it this year!

Athletics in Middle School

As a 6th grader next year, your child will have the opportunity to join middle school sports. Please see the information below:

21-22 Sports Registration:

All families with students going into 6-12th grades will need to register online here for athletics through Final Forms. Registration for 21-22 athletics will be available starting on April 1.

21-22 Sports Physicals

The athletic department anticipates the requirement of a pre-participation physical (dated after April 15, 2021) by the MHSAA to participate in school sports for next year.  Holland Christian is unable to offer a night for physical appointments this spring for athletes.  Athletes will need to individually schedule an appointment with their primary care provider between April 15 and the start of their first practice or try-out in any upcoming season. Physical forms are available to be printed from individual Final Forms accounts to take to your appointment for your medical provider to complete and sign.

/ Requested Announcements

Hope College 2021 Summer Science Camps

Looking for  an opportunity for your child to have hands on, engaging experiences in Science, Engineering, Math and the Arts? Hope College offers half day and full day science academies. More details about Summer Science Camps.

Boys TTQ (Total Trek Quest)

We are working hard to bring a great TTQ program to our boys and families. We are offering an all virtual and hybrid option.
The hybrid option will have one in-person practice weekly held at area PARKS—not SCHOOLS, such as Helder Park, Kollen Park, Pottawattomie and Ransom Park.
If you have any question or concerns please feel free to reach out to me at 616.430.6561 or We are looking forward to continuing our TTQ program!  Access to the online TTQ FLYER will be available late summer or early fall.

MBJA Summer Sailing Brochure

We look forward to having Holland Christian students as part of our summer sailing program! Your high school team is enjoying their spring season with us so far! If you have any questions, please email me or call my cell phone 616-403-6313. See this flier for more sailing information.

/ Calendar

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  • 5 & 6  – Are now full days
  • 10-21 – Maps testing
  • 31 – Memorial Day (No School)


  • 4 –  11:30 Dismissal (No HPS bussing)