Rose Park News 9/14/18

Dear Rose Park Family and Friends,

I see that next week holds our annual picture days! I reflected on this last year and thought I would share it again with you this week as we continue to prepare a table of inclusion at Rose Park.

I always enjoy picture days! I see big smiles. I see hair with lots of product to keep it just in place. I see more collared shirts on boys, and dresses on girls. Frankly, even kids, lots of them, at least, enjoy getting dressed up a little bit, I think. It shows, and it is fun. I also realize that picture days come with a certain mix of joy and stress. Am I right? I know there is stress involved for parents and for teachers, especially for those teachers whose picture appointment landed after recess. How do you keep active elementary students clean, cool, hair in place, clothes unstained while actively playing, especially in this heat?! Somehow it all works out, even if the pictures reflect less than perfection (if perfection were even possible).

Isn’t this like life? Most days are a mix of emotion and experiences. We do our best to look good, prepare well, and present our best selves forward. Most days. But, then there are those days when we are doing our best to simply get ourselves and our families out of the door. Maybe we roll in late to school. Breakfast remains are still on the kids’ faces. We forget the picture order form on the kitchen counter. Lunches are left behind. And this is just the start. Despite our best efforts, we just can’t seem to get it all together.

Yet, somehow it all works out. A kind word lifts us up. An unexpected smile perks our day. God himself speaks into our lives through his Word. A friend’s note laced with grace hits the spot. An encouraging text dings just the right note for that moment. Life isn’t perfect. Most days aren’t. But, God is there with us in every frame and allows us to journey the path of life together. I’m so grateful that we are able to do that with you. When we live in this kind of grace we will find, undoubtedly, that shalom is cultivated through encouraging and supporting each other every step of the way, on the picture-perfect, and more often, not so picture-perfect days.

As always, I pray that you may bless and be blessed this weekend with your families in rest, recreation, and in awe-filled worship. We are grateful to partner with you in equipping young and eager minds, nurturing soft and tender hearts, to transform the world for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s been a great first week, and we look forward to seeing your children again next week to love them and learn along with them.


Bussing Payments

Many bussing payments have been coming in to Rose Park.  As a reminder, for a family to ride the bus, the fee is $460.00.  If you have one student riding the bus, the fee is $230.00.  The fee for the shuttle bus to the Middle School and High School is $75.00.  Thank you!

School Pictures Wednesday and Thursday

On Wednesday, September 19 and Thursday, September 20, your child will have his/her school picture taken! Order form flyers have been sent home.  As a reminder: Every form will need to be turned in on the day your child has their photo taken, regardless of ordering online or your choice to order a photo package.

It is important to note, ONLY packages #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 come with a yearbook. If you would like a yearbook for your child, you must indicate that on the picture order form.  Yearbooks are $8.00 (Item number 14 on the form).

Wednesday, September 19

  • Mrs. Brouwer M/W 3’s class
  • Mrs. Rotman
  • Mrs. DeLeon 4’s preschool
  • Mrs. Klipp-Lopez
  • Mrs. Bouwman
  • Mrs. Stoep
  • Mrs. Hossink
  • Mrs. Scott
  • Ms. Snoeyink
  • Mrs.Stejskal/Vanderzwaag
  • Mrs. Dokter
  • Mr.Nieuwsma

Thursday, September 21

  • Mrs. Brouwer T/Th 3’s class
  • Mrs. Gustafson
  • Mrs. Deleon 3’s Preschool
  • Mrs. Bos
  • Mrs. Vogelzang
  • Mrs. Diepenhorst
  • Mrs. Wright
  • Mrs. Kuipers/Rietman

Safety Protocol and Procedures Update

At our staff professional development day the Friday before Labor day, Rose Park teachers, as well as all teachers in the whole HCS system in each of our buildings, spent the better part of our morning reviewing and revising our safety protocols and procedures. As we begin drill season, and as we continue to learn from our experiences with these drills, as well as off-campus outings, we have tightened and improved our procedures even since the start of the year. In addition to reviewing basic practices at Rose Park, we have created red “Go Bags” for each teacher and classroom which include each teacher’s class list with student and parent contact information, and more. Whether it is a drill or off-campus activity, we have built in a couple more redundancies to make sure that all students are safe and accounted for in all situations. We are also reviewing our communication practices to make sure that we are in contact with parents in a timely fashion if and when individual student-specific situations arise. Finally, each of our buildings has what we call our “Code+” teams which are comprised of staff members designated and trained to be first responders to emergency situations when they arise in each of our buildings. We drill these teams with the assistance of our school nurse a couple of times a year. All of this to say, that student safety remains of utmost importance for all of us. We will continue to evaluate our practices and protocol and revise as needed.


This annual event has become a favorite. Students will be asked to collect funds from Family, friends, and neighbors in an effort to raise funds for non-budgeted classroom and playground improvements.  They will then participate in a 45 minute walk at the high school track, in which they may walk, jog, or run around the track.  During the walk there will be games and activities for the kids to participate in as well. The event will be held during the school day from 1pm to 2:15 PM at the HCHS Track. Parents are invited to come cheer students on and enjoy an afternoon of fun.  Completed Pledge forms and money must be turned in by today, Friday, September 14th.  If you forgot, may still bring envelopes in on Monday!  Thanks so much for your support!  We hope to see you at the track!

Tuition Invoices Update

Tuition invoices will be arriving in your mailbox mid to late September for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you expect to see an invoice and have not received one by October 5 please let our office know by calling 616-820-2805 or email

Student Absences

Please report to us if your child(ren) is going to be absent.  This needs to be done each day they will not be in school.  Also, we would appreciate it if they were reported in by 8:45 AM, but you can call and leave a message anytime before that time.  If you do not call us, and if the child’s teacher does not know about the absence, we will try to call you. (This policy is to protect your child–we want to ensure your child’s safe arrival at school

Hot Lunch Accounts

There are two ways to add funds to your child’s hot lunch account:

  • You may drop off a check made out to Holland Christian to our Rose Park office and the funds will be added.
  • Add funds on line through (there is a small fee with this method)

You may also check the balance on your student’s lunch account:

  • go to
  • click on Schools, then Parent Resources.
  • Click on the Hot Lunch Tab.
  • On the right hand side is the link:
  • Set up a new account for your family.  You will need your email address, and a password you would like to use.
  • Your student’s ID number will be needed to link your child to your account.  Please contact either our RP office for this number, or ask your child’s teacher.
  • Please contact Carla or Diane in the RP office with any questions!

Hot Lunch Menu

August / September

Medical Information Reminder

Parents: if your child has a medical plan on file or takes meds at school, we need an updated form signed by their physician each school year.  So, if you have not done this yet, please do so asap.   You are welcome to contact our school nurse, Jane Borr ( She will help you set up a plan for the office to assist in administering the medication. For safety reasons, Holland Christian Schools is not able to dispense any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to our students without a doctor’s order.  Thank you!

Parents and Grandparents

Do you or someone you know have an interesting hobby, specialized knowledge, or creative idea to share with elementary students?  Holland Christian is looking to match you with interested students in our After school Community Enrichment program. Please share your ideas for teaching an ACE class with our coordinator, Sue Vos (

4th Annual HCS Homecoming Family Weekend

Friday, September 14

Holland Christian High School

This evening has become a family favorite, filled with good memories—even when it downpours! Picnic dinner and children’s activities, including bouncy houses, lawn games, and crafts, start at 5 pm, then the varsity football game against Byron Center begins at 7. The cost is $8 per person in advance, including both dinner and game, and tickets are available online at or at the HCHS or HCS administration offices. Or it’s $10 per person on the day of the event. Looking forward to hanging out!


With much gratitude we would like to invite you to our Forest School Groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, September 17, at 6:30 pm. Please join us by the entrance to the woods between Holland Christian Middle and High School where the Forest School Kindergarten meets each day. We will pray for God’s blessing and protection on their school year and on Holland Christian’s newest classroom building! No RSVP necessary. If you have any questions, please contact us at (616) 820-2805.

SCREENAGERS – September 25, 7 pm

Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian School are partnering together for a showing of the film SCREENAGERS on September 25 at 7 pm in the HCHS Auditorium. Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston saw that with her own kids and learned that the average kid spends 6.5 hours a day looking at screens. She wondered about the impact of all this time and about the friction occurring in homes and schools around negotiating screen time—friction she knew all too well. In SCREENAGERS, as with her award-winning documentaries on mental health, Delaney takes a deeply personal approach as she probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including her own, to explore struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through poignant, and unexpectedly funny stories, along with surprising insights from authors, psychologists, and brain scientists, SCREENAGERS reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and offers solutions on how adults can empower kids to best navigate the digital world and find balance. Please join us for this important event! We especially encourage parents with children in 5th-12th grade to attend this event. Check out the trailer here: 447

Grandparents Day, Thursday October 4

Grandparents day is coming, Thursday October 4, 2018!   Preschoolers will have a chance to share their classrooms with their grandparent in the morning.  K-6  will share their classrooms in the afternoon.  Remember, 5/6 can invite grandparents to join them for a special lunch on this day.  An informational flyer will be coming home with specific details.

Grandparents Day Help

Thursday, October 4 will surely be a wonderful time of fellowship, a beautiful program put on by our kiddos, and some delicious treats and refreshments!  However, we need your help! We will need a variety of goodies to offer our guests, so please sign up for what you can! Anything you commit to bringing will need to be dropped off to the front office by 8:30am on October 4. Either home-made or store bought goodies are welcome and appreciated! Please use this link to sign up.  Thank you!

Holland Christian Auction October 13

One of the first areas to sell out at last year’s auction was the Gift Card Wall. We collect over 100 gift cards in amounts ranging from $20-$100 and then sell them to auction attendees for $40 each. You might walk a way with a bonus, and you might walk away with a $20 gift card and the knowledge you helped support the 30% of HC students who receive tuition assistance from the Fund…either way, its a win! Would you consider donating a gift card? You could even purchase it from TRIP! Drop it off at any HC office and let them know it is a donation for the Gift Card Wall. If you’d like a written acknowledgment for your gift, please drop it off at the admin office. For more information, please contact Leanne Halma, Anne Bushouse or Anita Mulder. Please join us Saturday, October 13 at 6:00PM.  Remember to register here!

6th Grade Athletics

6th graders have more opportunities to participate in Middle School athletics.  Our Winter 1 season begins 10/15/18.  Please click on this link to read more about the opportunities.


We would love to have you join us for our All School chapels on Wednesday mornings at 10:35 AM in the elementary gym. We welcome parents and friends to join us in worship as we discover how we can grow in cultivating shalom.

Upcoming Dates:


14-  Homecoming Event

17 – Forest School Groundbreaking 6:30PM

19 – Picture Day

20 – Picture Day

22 – Kids Stuff Resale

25- Screenagers at HCHS 7:00PM

26 – Walkathon at HCHS track

28 – No School – Staff Development


4 – Grandparents’ day

13 – Holland Christian Auction 6:00PM

22-Parent/Teacher Conferences

23 – Parent/Teacher Conferences

25 – CEA – No School

26  – CEA- No School


1 – Preschool Dad’s night

2 – 5/6th grade Donuts with Dads

21 – 1/2 day

22 – 23  – Thanksgiving Break

Requested Announcements

Moms In Prayer

All Moms are welcome to the lift up their kid(s) in prayer in the library from 8:15-9:05.  Join us as we give our Father Praise, Confession,Thanks and Petition.

When hard pressed, I pray that ________ will cry to You, LORD and not be afraid.
From Psalm 118:5-6 (NIV)

Please contact Kathy Schut with any questions.  616-875-8912,


The Kids Stuff Resale will be on Saturday morning, September 22 from 9-12 at Holland Christian High School. For more information, please email kidsale@ or call 616 820-2805.

Parade of Fire Trucks

Friday, October 5 at 7:00PM is the 36th annual Parade of Fire Trucks in downtown Holland.