Bus transportation for our students occurs through a number of different venues: Holland Public Schools, HC Southside Bus Transportation, and Zeeland Public Schools, and each of these providers has their own registration forms linked below. Our Holland, West Ottawa, and Zeeland partners have been generous with sharing resources, and we appreciate their cooperation, though these schools are permitted to transport only residents of their own school districts.

Each family requesting bus transportation for their children or if you need assistance or have questions about registering for the upcoming school year please contact the Administration Office at (616) 820-2805 or email transportation@hollandchristian.org.

Below are the school bus transportation providers available to transport your student(s) to Holland Christian campuses.


Families who live south and east of Holland (from the Lakeshore to the Oakland area) who need busing to:

  • South Side Elementary
  • Pine Ridge Elementary
  • Forest School
  • Holland Christian Middle School
  • Holland Christian High School

This busing service provides transportation for families who live south and east of Holland, covering Saugatuck, Hamilton, Overisel, Oakland, and south Holland.  We also pick up students living in the city of Holland, based on space, time, and location. Students are asked to have only one pick-up and drop-off location. The final locations will be determined by the HC Transportation Department. Families desiring transportation for 2021-2022 school year MUST fill out and return the registration form below to be eligible for busing.

Cost for Southside Bus Transportation services are listed below. The cost is a base rate plus a mileage rate for each student per year. The starting point for the mileage rate is the Holland Christian Administration office building. The rate for a part time kindergarten student will be discounted. This is a subscription type of service. If you subscribe to this service you will be charged this listed fee regardless of the number of times your child rides the bus. You will be billed after school starts.

Mileage Bus Rate Mileage Rate Year Rate Per Student
 0-2 miles from school $230.00 + 0.00 $ 230.00
 2-3 miles from school $230.00 + 35.00 $ 265.00
 3-4 miles from school $230.00 + 70.00 $ 300.00
 4-5 miles from school $230.00 + 105.00 $ 335.00
 5-6 miles from school $230.00 + 140.00 $ 370.00
 6-7 miles from school $230.00 + 175.00 $ 405.00
 7-8 miles from school $230.00 + 210.00 $440.00
 8-9 miles from school $230.00 + 245.00 $ 475.00
 9-10 miles from school $230.00 + 280.00 $ 510.00
 Over 10 miles from school $230.00 +315.00 $ 545.00

Once all registrations are submitted, we will determine the number of buses needed and communicate an initial bus plan early in the summer.  You will receive your route info with pick-up time, bus driver and bus number along with a SBT Student Handbook in mid-August.

If you have any questions about transportation or registration, please contact the Administration Office at (616) 820-2805.

HC Student/Parent Transportation Handbook

Southside Bus Transportation (SBT) is a non-profit parent led group that supports families in Saugatuck, Hamilton, Overisel, Oakland and south Holland areas with bussing to Holland Christian Schools. SBT hosts several fundraisers throughout the year. Families that participate earn money to offset the cost of bussing. Contact us to learn more!

Event Dates:

  • SBT Annual Meeting – Last Monday in February, 7:00 PM, Trestle Stop Restaurant, Hamilton, MI
  • Tulip Time Glow-in-the-Dark Fundraiser – Tulip Time fireworks display, Kollen’s Park, Holland, MI
  • Holland 100 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser – 3rd Saturday in July, East Saugatuck CRC, Holland, MI

SBT Officers:
Mark Bruinsma, President, mkbruinsma@gmail.com
Brian Brink, Treasurer
Michelle Lampen, Secretary

Southside Bus Transportation
P.O. Box 85
Hamilton, MI 49419


Families who live on the north side of Holland who need AM and/or PM busing to:

  • Rose Park Elementary
  • Holland Christian Middle School
  • Holland Christian High School

To be eligible for busing to and/or from school, families MUST fill out and submit the online registration form FOR EACH CHILD needing transportation. Students may be picked up and/or dropped off at a primary home address or a daycare/alternate site location. However, students are allowed to have only ONE pick-up location (AM) and ONE drop-off location (PM).

There is a transportation fee or $230 per year for one student or $460 for a family of 2 or more students. This fee is payable to Holland Christian Schools and can be delivered to the Rose Park School office, the Middle School Office, or mailed to the Holland Christian Administration Office during the first week of school.

AM & PM Shuttle – Middle School/High School ONLY:

For the 2021-22 school year, we are using one shuttle bus to transfer middle school and high school students from the north side in the morning.

(AM) Shuttle from Rose Park Elementary

  • Departure time is 7:30 AM. Students will board a shuttle bus in the bus loading/unloading zone and shuttle to the Middle School and then to the High School.

(PM) Shuttle to Rose Park Elementary

  • After school, middle school and high school students may shuttle to Rose Park Elementary where they may exit the bus for parent pick-up. (Families wishing this transportation choice should indicate so when filling out the Online Registration Form.)
  • Students needing transportation to their primary residence or to a daycare/alternate site should transfer to or remain on their assigned bus at Rose Park.

The fee for shuttle-only bus service is $75 per student per year.

AM & PM Shuttle – Rose Park Spanish Immersion ONLY:

For the 2021-22 school year, we are using one shuttle bus to transfer Rose Park Spanish Immersion students from South Side in the morning and then returning to South Side in the afternoon.  AM pick up at South Side will be at 8am.  PM drop off at South Side will be at around 3:30pm.


Families who live within the Holland City limits and need AM and/or PM busing to:

  • South Side Elementary
  • Pine Ridge Elementary
  • Forest School
  • Holland Christian Middle School
  • Holland Christian High School

Students must live more than 1.25 miles from your grade school, or 1.5 miles from your middle school or high school. Only one pick-up location and drop-off location. These final locations will be determined by the Holland Public Schools Transportation Department.

A registration form must be filled out for every Holland Christian student desiring transportation through Holland Public busing (even if you have used HPS busing in previous years). Please mail the completed form to the HPS Transportation Department by June 5. To get the registration form please click the link below.  Forms may be mailed, dropped off, or sent to Karen Holstine at kholstin@hollandpublicschools.org.

Cost for Holland Public busing is FREE.

You will be notified mid-August of the stop location, pick-up and drop-off times.

Any questions, please contact Holland Public Schools Transportation at (616) 494-2950.



Families of Holland Christian High School students who reside in the Zeeland School District, and need busing to/from Zeeland. Complete the STUDENT TRANSPORTATION FORM HERE, and return to Zeeland Public Schools at the address given on the from or email to bvander1@zps.org. Contact Brenda VanderKooy at bvander1@zps.org for questions or for more information.

/ 21-22 No Busing Dates:

August 24-30
September 17: No PM Transport
October 8: No PM Transport
October 29: No PM Transport
November 11: No PM Transport
November 12
December 10: No PM Transport
January 19-21: No PM Transport
February 11: No PM Transport
February 14-15
March 4: No PM Transport
March 25: No PM Transport
April 22: No PM Transport
May 11-13: No PM Transport
September 17: No PM Transport
November 12
December 17: No PM Transport
January 14: No PM Transport
February 24: No PM Transport
February 25
February 28
March 11: No PM Transport
April 22
May 13: No PM Transport