/ What is Winterim?

At HCHS, we work to prepare students for the future, including college, careers, community, abundant faith–and even rest and enjoyment. That’s a tall order, but during Winterim, that whole range of experiences converges into one amazing week of purposeful learning. Students get to discover new interests and dive deeply into the ones they already have.

Winterim is an exceptional Holland Christian High School learning experience during the first school week of January, and was created so that students could explore a variety of subjects outside of the traditional school curriculum, exposing them to new ideas, potential careers, even lifetime skills. There are typically over 70 different Winterim course topics– plus juniors and seniors can choose an internship of their career interest!

We’ve found that these Winterim adventures inspire curious minds to become dynamic influences, in their homes and classrooms today, and in the world outside tomorrow. They also make us appreciate the great community that we live in, since so many of our community businesses and people welcome us into their worlds during this week in particular. Students typically register for their Winterim classes starting at the end of October and seniors get to register first, then juniors, then sophomores, and finally freshmen.

/ Ways to Help

In order to make this an exquisite experience we are in the process of recruiting community members to participate. Here are some options you have to help make a difference in students’ lives this Winterim:

  • Teach a mini-course: the subject matter could be related to your profession or to a hobby or personal interest that you are passionate about (3 hours per day for one week)
  • Serve as a guest lecturer in another teacher’s class
  • Provide an internship or job shadow experience for a student(s) at your workplace
  • Volunteer to be a van or bus driver for students to get to off-site venues

Have a question or want to help? Contact Heidi Nykamp at hnykamp@hollandchristian.org.

 / Internships

A portion of the Winterim program is open only to juniors and seniors: Our Winterim Internships are off-campus “practice” work experiences with real employers so that students can gain first-hand experience with a possible career pathway. An internship placement like this often helps students decide what they want to do after high school graduation–or what they definitely do not want to do! Students can pick on a first-come, first-served basis from one of the many internships we have set up, or they can create a position of their own with a company of their choosing, and then get it approved as an HCHS Winterim internship just for them. Most students stay local; a few end up elsewhere around the country!

 / Winterim 2017 Video

Want to learn more about Winterim? Check out this video from Winterim 2017: